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Favorite Canuck playoffs


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In the new era - Burr. He became a giant thorn at the start of every series and just wouldn't let go. Tenacious, a little risky and clutch. Bo was awesome last year (special credit)


90's- Bure and Linden. Afterburners and blood.


I don't remember much of the early 80's except for Dad yelling at the TV, so I'll have to say "the towel".

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Favourite moment? Burrows, the dragon slayer, no doubt. Favourite player in the playoffs? Edler in beast mode was dang fun to watch. Hitting everything that moves and skating hard every shift. Those were fun times.


I also suspect we'll see some good Horvat moments in the coming years. He's been a playoff beast in the Juniors and even in his short stint in the NHL playoffs.

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I remember 94, but I LIVED 2011, so It'll have to be from that year. Firstly, honorable mention, as the runner up goes to Burr for the Dragon Slaying goal.. I was down from Kelowna and everywhere was packed so I somehow ended up at the New Amsterdam watching the game on a small tv.. boom the goal, time slows down, and then next thing I remember is running fullspeed towards the Rog next to someone else who wasn't quite sure exactly why we were sprinting, but knew it was the right thing to do.


But #1 is our BOY the Stanchion feeding the biscuit to Juice.  Maybe I was naive.. maybe I was too arrogant, but I thought it was just a sign ya know? 7 games, 6 games, then 5.  I knew there was no shot at 4 after that little gift from the hockey gods.. but I saw Juice's confident gloating as if that was meant to be and I thought "we've got this..."  Sigh..... 


Damn Daniel.. why couldn't you have just punched back?



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"Kane, Campoli missed the puck. Ryan Johnson just gets it out. Hamhuis dumped the puck back in, Campoli tried to clear it. BURROWS SHOOTS! SCOREEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Alex Burrows started it, has so many chances to seal it, then finally ends it! After 3 seasons, and 19 playoff games against Chicago, for Vancouver, it is a wonderful day for an exorcism. Exhale British Columbia, the Canucks are onto the second round."


"Daniel for Bieksa, fakes the shot, takes the shot, block by Huskins. Burrows is fresh, knocked the puck lose to Edler, back in for Burrows is up into the air ....... SCORES!!! The puck looked like it was out of play but it stayed in! Kevin Bieksa took the shot, Vancouver has won it in double over time, and the Vancouver Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup Final!"


Those 2 are my fav Canucks playoff memories. Wasn't born yet in 1994, so they wouldn't be my memories, but saw all the highlights, that run was freaking epic too!

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2 hours ago, McHortanen said:






3 best from our 2011 run. If it wasn't for those terrible games in Boston I would add Luongo to that as well.

I make that four...


For me, it's Alex Burrows, Roberto Luongo and Ryan Kesler, in that order. I didn't know hockey existed in 1994.

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Old enough to have seen all 3 cup runs, enjoyed them all!

But 94 was my fav, Bure's ot goal to dispence the flamers in the 1st rnd (our Chicago of that era) - classic

Linden playing game 7 of sc final with broken ribs, scoring both Nucks goals in 3rd to make it 3-2 NY and giving us a chance to bring it home - incredible!

For years afterward media, broadcasters and fans called it one of the best sc finals ever.

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