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Which former Canuck would you like to see win?


Which former Canuck which you like to see win a cup?   

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Hey everyone I guess I am posting this poll mainly out of curiosity.  But I was wondering who a lot of Canucks fan were rooting for int he playoffs and if there were any of you who were routing for any ex canucks.


I personally am routing for Roberto Luongo.  No matter what anyone says about him he played his heart out when he was here, was a stand up guy loved in the community, loved by the fans and his team-mates as well.  He was treated pretty poorly during the Gillis era here in Vancouver and still came to play hard every night for the team.  His numbers in Florida are proving that he is still an elite goaltender and as much as it probably won't happen i would be really happy if Florida made it to the cup or went on a good run at least.  I will always be a Luongo fan on my favorite team or not.


Ryan Kesler - Many hate him for how he left Vancouver and the fact they people knew he wanted out, but i am not one of those people,  I don't blame him for wanting out, our team was sinking getting worse and worse.  Gillis had brought a horrible coach, the direction of the team was going in an awful direction and we weren't getting younger or the right tools were not being brought to be a success in the future.  Kesler is a competitive guy and wants to win and he knew it wasn't going to happen in Vancouver the way things were going. 


Can you really fault a guy with his compete level for wanting to move on not feeling like the organization was not the best scenario for him?.  Kesler was a beast here in Vancouver and played hard every night and was probably our best playoff performer during our cup final run in 2010-11.  The guy is pure heart no matter what team he plays for and such a hard worker, even last year for Anaheim in the playoffs he was their best all around player in the playoffs even when the rest of the team didn't show up.  To all you haters, I get it, but I am routing for Kesler in the west because I love the type of player he is and always enjoyed watching him do what he does.


Kevin Bieska - He is on the team as Kesler, however unlike Kesler he didn't demand a  way out of the Vancouver the team sent him a way.  I felt that the last few years he wasn't the same player in Vancouver and if anything he was a bit on the decline. I guess that could be chalked with the rest of the team also declining or under achieving as well, but still I think him out of Vancouver the right move at the right time. 


Every since he made that one comment about Ferland in the playoffs when we played the Calgary Flames about him being "completely irrelevant" and than the guy ending up out playing him and playing like a work horse after those comments, I kind of lost a bit of respect for him.   You shouldn't make comments like that if you can't back them up.  None the less he did have some great years for us and was a big part of our team for the big years we had, so you have to appreciate that.  I think his best years are far behind him and he just a depth guy on Anaheim now.  When it comes to Bieska I don't really care if he wins or doesn't.


Mike Santorelli - Not on the list because he was an elite player on the Canucks or because he was will likely go down as one of the favorites of people of all time, but because he was a hard working player on the team that I appreciated for doing the little things that a team needs.  I view him as a depth player that every team needs and I actually wish we could have kept him in our long term building plan because i think he is an all around good player.  I would be happy for the guy if he win, but definitely not my first guy, just the type of player I really respect.


All in all only two I would really like to see a chance to win, with the two being I don't really care that much.


Luongo is my favorite on the list and I think the guy is deserving of a cup, based on attitude and play.  He will forever go down at this point as if not our best goalie in history maybe a second best to Kirk Maclean.  I am cheering for the Panthers in the east.  My next choice and sorry all you haters is Kesler, who was my favorite player in Vancouver and the guy I loved watching every game for his pure heart, energy and work ethic type of play, a never give up type of attitude that every team has to have.  Maybe he didn't leave our favorite team in the best way, but I still love the type of player he is no matter what and I would love to see his hard work pay off for him. 


Wouldn't mind seeing Santorelli win because I have a load of respect for the player he is, but at the same time I don't care that much because I have invested a lot of my heart into watching him as a player over the years.  Bieska I wouldn't mind seeing win, but I don't care all that much either. 

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I wanna say Bieksa but I want to see Kesler lose more than I want to see Bieksa win. I'd have to go with Bobby Lou. It would be nice to see him shake off the label of playoff choker. I was always a fan, and despite what people say about the games in Boston we never would've even got to game 7 had he not played so well in our 3 wins.

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Would hate to see another team that hasn't won the cup, win it before we do.  But if it had to be one team, I would chose the Panthers.  Lou deserves one and it would be a huge slap upside our heads! ::D


Second, would be Bieksa.  But that would mean Kesler too.  If that's the case, I hope Kesler isn't in the lineup when they win and can't experience celebrating in full gear and has to settle for a jersey and dress pants...:P

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What about Bonino? He's in playoff contention right now :lol:

But on a more serious note, I'd love to see Juice raise the cup. He's a heart and soul guy, and you can't deny his love of Vancouver, the team, the community, and it even it's finicky fans. Kes winning the cup by default in the process is a necessary evil. And for the OP, I don't think most people hate Kes because he wanted out; they hate him because he lied about it in the media on multiple occasions, and has purposefully gone out of his way to be a villain since then (Ex: saying his goal in Van earlier this season was his favorite he'd ever scored in Rogers, etc.).

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1 hour ago, TheCerebral1 said:

Luongo and its not even close.  

Luongo made a complete media circus over his contract and trade demand. He came back the season after Corey was traded cause he had no choice. He even had a legal team try to find a way to terminate his contract. He made a few jokes on Twitter and the rest is forgotten. 


I hope he gets to game 7 of the SCF and gets absolutely smoked. I can't understand how people like this guy. 

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