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Old Canucks commercial from the 1980's


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I have been following the Canucks since 1980.  I vaguely remember there was a local TV commercial, or series of commercials, that aired during the 1980's for a short while advertising the Canucks that had a strong Jim Varney theme to it (as in "Hey Vern! It's Ernest!").


These commercials were absolutely terrible.  This was during the time when the Canucks were a truly lousy franchise that could barely scrape together 8,000 fans to see a game at the Pacific Coliseum.  I have searched high and low for any evidence that these commercials existed, but can't find them on Youtube, or any reference to them anywhere else.


Does anyone else remember these?

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It would be hard to find online, you would have to have a true canucks fan from the 80's record one of their games on a vcr, while watching local broadcast. This person would then have to convert it onto their cpu and upload it to a site.


If you ever do find it, please post I would love to see it. Couldnt be as bad as the rangers Vidal Jeans commercial can it?

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I have a few games recorded from the early 90's but I didn't even have a TV until 87 ish whenever the NES was released. In North America.  Probably hard to find unless someone working in the tv industry had access to old tapes.

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1 hour ago, ajhockey said:

I'm just a young'un, but I do remember those pay-per-view commercials from the early 2000s. They had the greatest music.



EDIT: Found it.

I hated those PPV games! I was never willing to pony up the $11 for each of them. 

Edit: Nostalgic commercial though.

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The filmmakers don’t even try to hide that this final game is being played in the Vancouver Canucks’ old arena, and neither were they willing to get enough stand-in dolls to give the illusion of a lower-bowl crowd in parts. They can’t even afford actual ESPN talent to pull off a cameo, and get whatever British Columbian equivalents they can get to fill the roles. Also, the mall they work at is the one from the TV show “21 Jump Street.”

It's not what you are looking for, but it is a reference with Jim Varney and the Canucks from the 90s.

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On 2016-04-19 at 8:39 PM, Green Building said:

I was born in 80 so I missed the fun. I imagine it had the feel of a Lyle's Place or The Captain's Bargain Stores.


Satisfac....tion's at Lyyyyles Place


Aye aye and good bye!


Good luck finding those commercials. Like @SaintPatrick33 said, it will be pretty tough to locate something that old. 

I actually looked up the Captain maybe a year ago.  He lost a ton of weight and got married.  Don't know if he's still kicking or not, but it seems like he had a happy story all those years after his commercials.

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