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[Report] Pierre-Edouard Bellemare suspended 1 game

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Should have been 3 to 5 games. 


Don Cherry made a fool of himself after the game yesterday, he showed both Orpik and Orlov and said it was their fault, not White skating 50 feet charging at Orpik or Bellmare for hitting Orlov from behind, then he showed OV hitting someone and said it was a dirty hit. lol.


Get that fool off the air CBC, in most countries when your grandpa gets old and senile and starts talking crazy stuff you send him to the old folks home, in Canada we put him on national tv and laugh at him. What a mean nation we are. 

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13 hours ago, MusclePharm said:

Playoff games are worth more

i dont its bull s      orlov could have broken his neck 1 game for blatant intent to injure wheras nhl  suspends virtanen for a 3/4 of a second late shoulder to shoulder hit its the canuck ref nhl bias coming through if it was anywhere else in nhl jake wouldnt have got even a warning  in my eyes  bellemare should have got 5 game minimum if it was in reg season 10 games 

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1 hour ago, WhoseTruckWasIt said:

So the infraction is worth less.  Makes sense.


I think the only problem with the hit was that Bellemare tried to lay a huge hit from behind on a dude.

Im just saying from the leagues perspective, playoff games are of a greater punishment to the player. Im not necessarily agreeing with it.

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