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(proposal) Markstrom to Edmonton

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OK.... IF Markstrom could be dealt to Edmonton in a package for their #1 pick this year, would you extend Miller by one year for something in the 3-4 million range to mentor Demko until he's ready? Miller isn't going to get a better offer than that from any other team. 


I like Jacob, and i'm in no rush to get rid of him, but he's going to be 30-31 by the time this team is really ready to make an actual cup run, and Edmonton is desperate for a goalie. 


The risk of course is Demko isn't ready. Thoughts? 

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1 minute ago, Bob Long said:

Hey who knows how desperate Edmonton is?

Alf says hi Bobby.  Do you know who "The Donald" is?  Do you know about his show, "The Apprentice"?  That's nice that you know, because  YOU'RE FIRED

:lol:. Markstrom would be getting us a third rounder, maybe a second.  Alf agrees that he's the odd man out though.  Trade Marky!  

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7 minutes ago, Bob Long said:

Markstrom is better than Talbot and he may not want to be behind Demko if things go that way. We're rebuilding this year, hopefully not 2-3 years from now. 

Based on what?  less than a year ago Talbot was moved for 2nd, 3rd and a 7th and we couldn't have gotten a 3rd for Markstrom.  Statistically this year Talbot has a better GAA and save% then markstrom while playing in nearly double the amount of games..  I like Markstrom and think he's going to be a top NHL goalie, but at this point he's still got a lot to prove and when you look at what other goalies will be on the market it would make zero sense for them to pay a insanely high price for a goalies who hasn't proven he's a top NHL goalie.


If Schneider only got us a 9th overall what makes you think Markstrom is worth a top 3 pick?

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8 minutes ago, Monty said:

His stupidity makes him think Markstrom is worth a top 3 pick.

Alf is insulted by the stupid association.  How would you like it if I called him a Monty?  Ya, it's not so funny now, is it?  

Alf apologizes, but you harmed Alf's reputation.  :lol:

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1 hour ago, Gstank29 said:

Edmonton has Talbot so NO

I say this every time someone proposes fixing Edmonton's goaltending by suggesting another goaltender. The problem isn't the goalies, but the team in front of them.


Besides, we aren't getting Edmonton's 1st for Markstrom. We keep him and grow Demko into the role. Likely only one will really stand out in the position eventually, and if both do it's a great problem to have but easily decided by age.

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