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Where to date online?


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11 minutes ago, Flume said:

Sad existence is overwhelmed by options dudes 



OK Cupid?




Beautiful People?







What are the pros and cons and experiences with each, let's hear it 

POF - Never used myself, but have a lot of horror stories from friends who have used it, high user base, but with that comes a lot of...how you say, crazies?


OK Cupid - It's alright, one of the newer ones, not as large of a database as some of the other sites, but along with POF it is free to use.


eHarmony - Paid site, never used, ironically it being a paid site, most of the people I know that have used it had more luck with the free websites/apps like Tinder/POF/Cupid etc; over eHarmony.


Tinder - If you're a girl and looking for a hook up, it's fantastic, girl and looking for a relationship, be prepared to wade through a ton of guys just looking for a hook up. For guys, you'll be drowned out by just a massive swarm of guys swiping right on everything.


Fetlife - Unless you actually have some fetishes you wish to explore, this site isn't likely for you. Knew a friend who was on it and she got some pretty messed up messages lol


Beautiful People - No idea what that is, if it's anything like that "Elite Singles" online dating, sounds like garbage for super shallow people


CDC - Best place to contract STI's! :lol:

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What about meeting people in your day-to-day life, without the Internet.  I've had some fun experiences about meeting people in my day-to-day life.  I was in a relationship years ago, and couldn't wait to be single.  And when being single came to be, it was fun! And if someone was cute, they got to come over and play Tetris and Mario.  Some dates, I don't know if the person was into the date.  I invited someone over once to watch Sonic Youth videos and drink champagne.

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Oh, we can use this as a dating site!?


Well, I'm a homo sapien, I don't wish to disclose my sex, I'm of the legal age in a majority of countries...I like food and oxygen, my hobbies include sleeping and ingesting liquids. I enjoy stuff and things...and hikes!


I'm looking for someone between the ages of 24 1/2 and 25 1/3 A woman, but who identifies as a man, has a light auburn hair colour, azure colour eyes with just the faintest of freckles around their nose, their favorite movie has to be Transformers 3. They must love dogs but not own one or want to own one, be a shameless internet troll and only listen to late 90's reggae music.


I look forward to hearing from you! :)

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