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Jonathan Torrens aka (J-Roc) Is Leaving Trailer Park Boys After 10 Seasons

the last outlaw

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Show is coming to it's end. First Lucy, and now J To R To O To C.




Jonathan Torrens says it's time to leave the trailer park behind.

The Charlottetown-born actor announced on Twitter this week that he will exit the cult comedy series Trailer Park Boys after 10 seasons of playing J-Roc, an aspiring white rapper who's one of the residents at the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

Torrens tweeted Wednesday that playing the character was "one of the greatest pleasures and privileges" of his life.

On his weekly podcast Taggart and Torrens, the actor said he never dreamed the series would continue as long has it has.

"Every six months since it started I've thought 'Well, that's got to be that, then.' And it continues to find new audiences everywhere," Torrens said.

The 43-year-old said the decision is freeing, exciting and sad all at the same time.


Ten is a nice round number and feels like a nice way to exit," he said. "As hard as the decision was, it feels right."

"Trailer Park Boys" has been one of Canada's longest-running comedies, inspiring a number of specials and spin-off movies since its premiere in 2001.

'The garnish, not the main course'

The show debuted its 10th season on Netflix last month and at least one more season is in the works, but it will be without J-Roc.

Torrens said he always thought of his character "as the garnish, not the main course" and J-Roc has come to a natural conclusion.

"When you start to think what's next for the character, it's hard to imagine forging any new ground," he said.

"I ultimately felt that I had achieved all that I could with J-Roc, but he's been in my head and part of my existence for so long, it's weird."

Torrens' departure comes after actress Lucy DeCoutere announced earlier this month she quit the series. Her announcement came just after co-star Mike Smith, who plays Bubbles, was charged with misdemeanour domestic battery.

"If I find out that somebody is abusive, I cut them out of my life. It's very easy," she tweeted at the time. 

However a publicist for the show said DeCoutere informed them of her resignation weeks before the incident. 

Smith has denied any wrongdoing. In a written statement he said the woman involved in the incident was a friend of his with whom he had a "loud and heated dispute."

On Twitter, Torrens reflected fondly about his castmates.

"Finally, at its core and at its best TPB was always about friendship and love. I wish the very best of those to each of you. Peace."





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9 minutes ago, Grapefruits said:

Can't even get through the current season it's so stupid. The shows run it's course as far as I see it.

That bit with Barb and Donna and the fat chick ruined the season for me. The show has gone down hill since they made the Donna character.

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Wish Ellen Paige would come back for episode. Return to show started your career onto becoming a star.


I've always thought Trailer Park Boys could make appearance on WWE. Bubbles could appear as his wrestler alter ego, Green Bastard. That or have someone from WWE make appearance for episode, that's wrestling related.



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19 minutes ago, Twilight Sparkle said:

i wont lose any sleep over losing j-roc and lucy. j-roc hasn't really had a good quotable since season 7-- "car-jumpin inery." theres only so much milage on that character. good on torrens for stepping down when he did

Man are you kidding? Mexican JRoc made last season. I probably wont even watch future seasons without him. 

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