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Drinking Game for watching playoffs

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My wife and I are huge Canuck fans, but enjoy all NHL games. Having seen the variety of broadcast teams from across the league in the Centre Ice package over the last view seasons, we find ourselves questioning the choices of the selections made by CNIC or Sportsnet for crews during the playoffs (except for the regional guys who cover the games in the regular season ... they are far more interesting to listen to than the Toronto-based talking heads).

I have came up with a drinking game for playoff broadcasts. Be sure to only sip, or you will be wasted by the halfway mark of the first period. Feel free to add your own drinking rules to the game.

- Every time the play-by-play announcer says wall, half-wall or side-wall instead of boards, take a drink. (And give him a two-minute minor for walling).

- Every time an announcer mentions a stat that was flashed a few minutes ago below the score/clock graphic (or visa versa) ... take a drink.

- Every time an announcer refers to a player as "the best in the game/league" at a particular skill, take a drink.

- Whenever the intermission panel makes a joke about each other and laughs too loud about it, take a drink. (or better yet, hit mute and drink at your leisure)

- Whenever comments made by the panel in the designated half-hour pregame show, are repeated at the start of the game broadcast, in the 10-15 minutes of setup prior to the opening face off, take a drink.

- whenever the play-by-play or colour announcer repeats himself on a fact or stat (like Jagr's age or a player's point total for the regular season), take a drink.

- Whenever commentary can't be understood due to a speech impediment by the play-by-play or colour announcer, take a drink.

- During broadcasts of Duck games, whenever Romanuk/Johnson talk about how great Kesler is, take a drink.

- Whenever someone mentions the Toronto Maple Leafs, take a drink.

- During wide shots of the group in the studio, if Elliotte Friedman's socks are over-exposed because his pants are hiked up/too short, take a drink (plus point and laugh).

- Whenever they finally mention the score of another game in progress, take a drink (most other non-CBC-Sportsnet broadcasts during the regular season show scores for all sports across the bottom during the entire game).

- Whenever the play-by-play announcer plugs a CBC show that has absolutely nothing to due with hockey, take a drink.

- Whenever you find yourself missing Shorty, John, Murph and Irf, take a drink.


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It sounds like you're taking a drink every time they say something annoying. Wow. Your liver must be a lot stronger than mine... *lol*


But if you're so inclined to add another one to the list, I'd suggest drinking every time they mispronounce a player's name. (The NYI color guy got Bjugstad's name right I think twice. And not even in the same paragraph.)

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3 hours ago, NorthernTorch said:


- whenever the play-by-play or colour announcer repeats himself on a fact or stat (like Jagr's age or a player's point total for the regular season), take a drink.

The Canuck/Flames series last year would have killed many of us on this rule alone!

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