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First hockey game


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If only everyone could experience the magic of live hockey, it might be the world's most popular sport.


I totally get how someone unfamiliar with the game could watch a tv broadcast and be bored. Honestly I am as well half the time I watch it on tv.


Live is a different beast entirely. You're hard pressed to find a more exciting spectator sport than live hockey. The energy and atmosphere of a charged hockey arena is palpable, especially during a playoff game.


Its lit.

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Best tweet was about white people keeping the game a secret from the brothers...(paraphrasing).  Second best was having to stop this guy named Kane (paraphrasing)...third best was Rams leaving/Blues saving him (paraphrasing).


I love it...great that playoff hockey is reaching out and grabbing new fans, regardless of race, color or creed.  Hockey = universal. 


As much as I hate Bettman, gotta say that he's done a good job growing the game in the USA (though he's riding Gretzky's coat-tails on this one).



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3 hours ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Sorry, I'm a tech-dinosaur, stranded ex-pat, who only speaks boring, standardized English. Guessing his "lit" doesn't stand for literature. Would someone kindly educate me on this coolspeak-term?


Short for 'legit', or something like that? 

It's lit. Means dropping str8 fire tbh fam.

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This guy definitely went viral.


Blues offered him tickets to game 3, reebok is hooking him up with Blues gear.


Luongo tweeted him, Tarasenko tweeted him to have him get his jersey. ::D


He did interviews on radio and tv.


I don't know how to link everything here, I read it all on HFboards.

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