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Big Day Today, Draft Position Selection.


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A beautiful, cloudless, sunny day out here on the wrong coast, and for a few hours a lot of fans will be glued to their TV's or radio's.


Speculation seethes as to whether or not the Canucks "win" and get first pick or "lose" and drop to the 6th.


With almost the same tension as a cup game for some, the clock ticks down building hope and anticipation by the hour.


It would figure that this is the first year that the NHL, in it's attempt to even out the draft, will have a lottery for the top three spots, a system sure to fail if the top picks go to the best of the non playoff teams for two or three years. In it's attempt to eliminate Edmonton's bad management and very good luck, the league may have unknowingly unleashed the financial might of the Canadian teams.

If Canadian teams don't get what they need through the draft, then they might start going after RFA's and break the unwritten rule.


But for today the Canucks may get what has never happened before, a first in every way.


The luck of the Irish is on our side, the mighty Quinn will surely be looking after us today, we hope. Once before his drive took this team from mediocrity to the top, lets hope that spirit is still around.


At 4 o' clock, the world stop's for a few minutes.

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