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Proposal: Switching Picks


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Top 5 picks at the draft:

  1. Toronto 
  2. Winnipeg 
  3. Columbus 
  4. Edmonton 
  5. Vancouver


Out of this list, the teams most likely to trade up/down are the oilers and Canucks.


Edmonton needs a defenceman more than anything and as much as they want wingers, defenceman take longer to pan out. They can pick Kailer Yamamoto if they want a winger next year. We are currently in the position to draft Juolevi or Dubois. My question is, what would it take to trade the fifth overall pick to Edmonton for the fourth overall.


Basically Juolevi for Tkachuk. What adds?


Reasoning: As I said earlier, defence take longer to pan out and Edmonton needs defence. We need a top left wing. 


I know now trades within the division don't usually happen but this makes sense for both teams in my opinion.


Does this his make any sense or have I lost what's left of my marbles?

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I think we stay where we are, but see who wants to trade up.  Once the #4 pick is taken, is the forward we want still there? (All signs point to Dubois) If yes then draft him, if not, then explore trading down for a top 15 pick + pick(s) in the top 90.  There isnt enough separation in the Dmen class to take one at 5 imo, and therell still be a couple wingers that other teams will have interest in moving up for...



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