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PCFL Draft Thread - Draft Talk Only


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Entry Draft Rules


1. If you wish to trade picks you must have an equal number of picks going back and forth.


2. Time Limits


May-June - 12 hour Draft limits are 7am-12am PST.

July-August - 6 hour Draft limits are 7am-12am PST.

September - 1 hour Draft limits are 7am-12am PST.


3. At the very end of the draft you will have the chance to send me 2 contracts for players that don't fit their fantasy value. 

EX. Brooks Orpik, David Clarkson, Dave Bolland etc.


Don't send me Sedins or Soderberg etc. 


4. http://www.draftpicklottery.com/ I will use this website to determin the draft order. You have to trust that I didn't cheat. I will shuffle the lottery 5 times. On the 5th time that will be the order we use.





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PCFL Draft

Lineup card: (Click on the pick to reveal the team)

Pick 1: Master Mind (had 1 ball)
Pick 2: ItsMillerTime (had 1 ball)
Pick 3: AriGold (had 1 ball)
Pick 4: MikeyBoy44 (had 1 ball)
Pick 5: Mike Venderhoek (had 1 ball)
Pick 6: Gstank29 (had 1 ball)
Pick 7: Alain Vigneault (had 1 ball)
Pick 8: inane (had 1 ball)
Pick 9: Tigs (had 1 ball)
Pick 10: Mimerez (had 1 ball)
Pick 11: Jaku (had 1 ball)
Pick 12: Squeak (had 1 ball)
Pick 13: DoughtysCheck (had 1 ball)
Pick 14: TheRussianRocket (had 1 ball)
Pick 15: Captain Woodget (had 1 ball)
Pick 16: Drouin (had 1 ball)
Pick 17: Blue Jay 22 (had 1 ball)
Pick 18: BM24 (had 1 ball)
Pick 19: OurTimeToShine (had 1 ball)
Pick 20: Ilya Kovalchuk. (had 1 ball)
Pick 21: Dion Phaneuf (had 1 ball)
Pick 22: KJ29 (had 1 ball)
Pick 23: Patrick Kane (had 1 ball)
Pick 24: Spotted Zebra (had 1 ball)
Pick 25: Caboose (had 1 ball)
Pick 26: Kazmanian Devil (had 1 ball)
Pick 27: Go Faulk Yourself (had 1 ball)
Pick 28: Dral (had 1 ball)
Pick 29: Baer. (had 1 ball)
Pick 30: Gally (had 1 ball)

Good luck this season!

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17 minutes ago, AriGold said:

Wow... I was wondering when he would go.. Pegged him for 5-8..


Love it...

It gets pretty tiring hearing the media gush over him, but maybe it won't be as bad now that he can produce for me haha.

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6 minutes ago, AriGold said:

It's funny to hear where people would like to pick if they could choose. I like middle spot.. 15th or so.. 


Im happy to get 3 but I don't pick again till 57th.. That's a long ass time.. 

I agree, 14-16 range is where I'm comfy.

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I've honestly never really had a preffered spot, it's nice to have a top 10 pick, but on the other hand getting a later pick means you get to pick again sooner. I truthfully and honestly just really like the process. Seeing who goes where, trying to build a team with what you have, or trying to move around the draft to try and build the team you want. 

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Really? I kinda don't like being in the middle, lol.


At 17, the actual superstars will be taken, but your not close enough from your 2nd pick where you can't really picture forming a duo with another player because your #2 choice might be taken by the time your 2nd pick gets back to you. Sure you will still get a good player but I would rather be drafting either much higher or much lower. 


Draft high: Get a superstar, and a good player.


Draft Mid: Get a really good player and a good player.


Draft Late: Get a really good player and a really good player.

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