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2 hours ago, thejazz97 said:

How good do you think Granlund can be?

I think he could be a solid bottom/middle six guy for us. If he can build size, strength and (most importantly) confidence then he'll be worth the price Benning paid. I think CGY misused and underutilized him, and demoralized him in the process. Like Baer, he comes across as a bit of a late bloomer; if given a real chance (and with proper development) I think he'll be ok. And of course, I'll eat crow if he isn't.

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1 hour ago, Twilight Sparkle said:

would you talk about your ex if you were on a date with me


Why talk guys when we can talk hockey? :lol:


1 hour ago, chon derry said:

are you waiting for a doctor  a lawyer  or a loans officer? ooowwwhhh northern cal, even worse. good luck with that.

What does this even mean??

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33 minutes ago, chon derry said:

aren't dr's expensive in cali? i know lawyers and loans officers are in canada


27 minutes ago, chon derry said:

any way you said ask anything ,and since waiting rooms are never a good thing unless your in the lottery corps waiting room with the winning 5 mil ticket.

Ahh, now I see. It wasn't a waiting room so much as a hotel lobby. Waiting for bf to get off work. Doctors and lawyers are expensive everywhere, as far as I know. I never go to the doctor thankfully since I'm in good health, but my insurance costs an arm and a leg.


24 minutes ago, Twilight Sparkle said:

good answer =p


what kinda of hugger are you-- do you lean in and awkwardly pull your body away or get right in there >__>

I am REALLY big on hugs. I like a good boob-crushing squeeze of an embrace. I do the two arm thing- none of those half hugs. .

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On 5/4/2016 at 8:48 AM, NUCKER67 said:

Is your bf a Canucks fan too?, or does he cheer for another team? I'm assuming he loves hockey...?

Bf is a Canucks fan too although not as big of one as I am. He didn't watch hockey at all until we started dating and I got him into it. I think he follows it mostly to humor me, but he's coming around :rolleyes:

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