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(Trade Value) - Johansson from Washington

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Marcus Johansson is a very versatile fringe second line player that is due for  a raise in Washington. This is his last year of RFA and will be in line for money and term.


  • Versatile, plays all 3 positions.
  • Age, in the range Benning is targeting due to the 'Missing Years'
  • Reliable, averages ~45.5 points per season regularly
  • Strong on the puck
  • Powerplay Quarterback & Zone Entry - With Backstrom over covered Johansson has been great quarterbacking the Was PP.



  • Term - Will likely get 5-7 years to eat some UFA
  • Cost - Will likely be in the 5M range for a fringe second liner
  • Product of good team or good player independently: How many of his 16.5 PPP per season (last 3 seasons) are purely due to being on an offensive dynamo in Washington


This is a player I think the Canucks should target in a trade if the price is right, especially with Washington looking ahead to the expansion draft (and likely not protecting him) as well as having to resign Oshie, Kuznetsov and Burakovsky after next year who will all be in line for large raises (Oshie could be in line for 6M+, Kuznetsov for a Tarasenko 7.5M deal, and Burakovsky at least in the 1.5-2.5M range depending on how he does this year)

What do you think Benning would need to offer to pull him away?

My thoughts were Hansen and a mid round pick may do the trick, or perhaps the 2nd round compensation pick from Columbus and one of our younger fringe prospects like Subban (Flame away, he is still a longshot at a NHL career and is most likely a journeyman PP QB at best), Gaunce, Cederholm or Grenier.

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