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Convicted teen killer Kelly Ellard denied day parole


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On 04/05/2016 at 0:39 PM, nuckin_futz said:

This case has always hit very close to home for me. The murder happened 2 minutes from where I lived at the time. I even attended the same junior high school that many of the participants went to.


The viciousness of the murder can never be overstated. Virk was lured out under the pretense of attending a gathering under the Craigflower bridge. She was then swarmed by 7 people. Was kicked in the head numerous times, punched repeatedly and had a cigarette put out on her forehead. This initial swarming/attack was all premeditated.


Bloodied and dazed she made her way across the Craigflower bridge only to be followed by Ellard and Glowatski. Who decided they weren't done with her. They dragged her under the bridge kicked her in the head repeatedly. The article above doesn't fully explain what they did. They didn't just knock her out and drown her.


They made a conscious decision to drown her but didn't want her to swim away to safety. So they rammed her face into a massive tree knocking her out. Then broker her neck, back and both arms. Ellard then dragged her into the water and held her down until she was motionless.


Like Aladeen said, Glowatski owned up to what he did and took responsibility, Ellard hasn't.


She still a dangerous person and should spend the rest of her days in a cage.

At least she was unconscious for the killing blow. This story is just sickening.

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