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Out of the big four leagues, which has the best website?

Which league has the best website?  

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So, it has just been a little while now since the NHL revamped their website, and I still personally do not like the change. I looked over at the other three big leagues to see in contrast to NHL's website.


Here are the links to the big four league websites:














As the title says, which website out of the four do you think is the best in terms of easy navigation, user friendly, layout, etc.?

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I do like the MLB site, and I find the NFL site to be fairly good. I don't watch enough, or care enough about the NBA to have gone to their site. I agree with those who say that the NHL re-design is just bad, or sucks donkey bottom, if you want to get technical about it.


Some individual NHL team sites are still not that bad, although I wonder about the need for adding a "Team Home" or such headings like they have on the Canucks' site. If I want to navigate through sections like Team, Tickets, News, Fans or Community there is a drop down menu under the heading which puts all of my choices right there. I don't need to go to a separate page which gives me all of those same choices. 


Yes, there may be a good reason why it is done this way, but it just irks the hell out of me if I happen to accidentally click and wind up on one of these "home" pages. That's like 5 seconds of my life I'll never get back!!!!


This being said, while the SF Giants team site beats the Canucks' site, the Canucks' team fan message boards (NHL style) pretty much kicks the hell out of the SF Giants fan boards. Go figure.


                                                         regards,  G.

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If you asked me before this season I would say NHL by a wide margin. The previous web site design was so crisp, condense, efficient, and easy to navigate.


Now after the new website NHL.com is a mess and very difficult to navigate. Is it the best one? I'd say it's now a toss up between NHL and NFL. The only problem with the NFL is I don't like their recap section and the constant video spamming.


NBA is the worst. The layout is pretty terrible and it's language depends on your IP. 


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