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Proposal - Tyson Baillie

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He's 20. Been passed over for two drafts, and at 5'11 / 200 lbs is built like a truck and plays like one, and at least the two games I saw him play he seems to have really good hockey sense.


Might be one of those late-blooming gems. Free signing I think now as he's gone through two drafts. Played a beast year with Kelowna...


Anybody with more looks on him?



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2 hours ago, timberz21 said:

Just another Long Shot like Dane Fox.  Maybe a consolation prize if we can't get Caggiula.  But at some point we gotta spot wasting roster spot with long shots and start giving our drafted prospect some development time.

Egh, we had a long shot "like" Dane Fox in Alex Burrows. Undrafted -- ECHL -- AHL -- NHL. Other teams have them too.


They're rare, but you never find them unless you actually try to. I don't know what our Utica situation will be like this year but if a guy like that gets a kick even on the 4th line in utica he might run with it.


If not, it's a cheap contract / throw in on a deal.



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