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Prediction: Edmonton trades 4th overall, Van drafts Dubois

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Here it is... the Trade:


Edmonton Oilers trade the 4th overall pick in 2016 draft to the Phoenix Coyotes for 7th overall and 20th overall (37th overall if Phoenix gets their way).


Why Phoenix does this ?: 

Tkachuk is from Scottsdale Arizona, its Phoenix's consolation prize for not being able to make a trade for Matthews.  The hometown hero may be worth giving up the 20th overall pick just to move up 3 spots with the 7th pick.  Phoenix knows there is no way Tkachuk will be available at 7.


Why Edmonton does this ?: 

They want to draft a defenseman anyways.  They're no longer building around Hall and Eberle. This is going to be McDavid's team and he's only 19, leaving lots of time for Edmonton to re-develop their core. Gaining a 2nd 1st round pick is worth it to them.  They'll shop around, but this will be their best offer.


How does this affect Vancouver ?:

This would leave Dubois as the best player available to draft.   For better or worse, that's who I see Vancouver drafting (I want a defenseman, but best player available is the smart move).

And once again Edmonton will have bested Vancouver in the business end of hockey, as Van could pull off a similar trade with Phoenix, but 1 pick too late.


What do you guys think?  Does this make sense?  Is it a fair deal for both teams?   Does it have a negative or positive impact on Vancouver if it actually occurred?

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Edmonton is believed to be dangling one of their 'core'  forwards for an NHL ready,  young PMD.  If they do,  your prediction is far less likely if not totally irrelevant because they'll already have their D man and would likely take BPA at that point. 

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I'd take that deal for our 5th, though I doubt Arizona would or for the Edmonton 4th overall. I've been looking at the teams with 2 picks in this draft, there's numerous. CAR has 13/21, Boston has 14/23, WP 2/22, and ARI with 7/20. Of course these positions change as the playoffs progress, but that's where they stand right now. I'd be interested in moving our pick for 2 1sts and a D prospect. A high price, but there's so much depth in this draft. The top 14 are all solid, while outside of that guys like Fabbro/McAvoy/Jones/Mcleod/Bellows could all be outside of that range. I'd happily move back if we were compensated well. 

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