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STH Seat Relocation


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looking back at my records,


last year was may28th

2014 was may12-14

2013 was june 25th

2012 may 23rd-24th


so either end of may or late june. Since we havent heard anything yet i would say mid to late june this year.

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Just called them now.  They have no clue.....the kid told me anywhere from the end of May till the middle of July, but they are hoping for something in June.


I also asked if this year was going to be in person as previously done, or online, as most NHL teams are starting to do.

Including Edmonton and Calgary.  He didn't know.

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14 hours ago, Realtor Rod said:

Quite a few people I know are not renewing this year. I guess they aren't the speculators I thought they were. 

I wonder how bad it will get. Do l think it will get to Pacific Coliseum type numbers? Likely not. However, 14-15,000 is likely.

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10 minutes ago, Johnny Shotgun said:

Maybe the Aquilinni's (whatever) should be relocated.  To the sidelines away......far away from the club.

Yeah those bastards. How dare they spend to the cap every single year + hire a fan favorite as President + spend millions of dollars in arena upgrades.




If you want to see what a crappy owner looks like, go and be a fan of the New Jersey Devils or Carolina Hurricanes

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Linden a fan favourite who cares that was years ago as a player.  It's what he does now as a President that will really boost his stock with the fans. Basically its what can you do for me now?  Could a public relations gesture with the club supporters been part of their thought process when he was hired?



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