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(PROPOSAL) Predict the Score Contest


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To: Moderators and all posters on Canucks.com forums


For those longtime members on this forum, I remembered back in the early 2000s, there was a Predict the Score Contest just for fun with the winner receiving bragging rights.  I am proposing to re-introduce this to the Forum again and hopefully it will be a mainstay.


Please let me know if this is something that can be considered this upcoming season.


Here is the Proposal/Potential Rules: (Moderators help me out here please)


-This contest will be open to anyone who has signed up and can post on these forums.

-One prediction per user that can be edited as many times as you like until puck drop (Predictions posted after puck drop won't be counted)

-Prediction must be specific or it won't count. (e.g. 2-1 Canucks not just 2-1)

-A volunteer who will be the official Predict the Score contest moderator (only predictions posted in the official Predict the Score topic that the moderator starts will count)

-The topic focusing on the Predict the Score game will lock when the puck drops.  (Mods please let me know if this is possible)

-Include prop question(s) predictions to make it more interesting and to provide bonus points that can be answered prior to puck drop.  (e.g. How many points will Daniel get? or How many shots on goal will the Canucks have in the game?)

-There will be a leader board that will track the progress throughout the season.

-It will run from the regular season and the postseason (if the Canucks make it)

-2 points for getting the prediction right.  1 bonus point for a correct prediction for an OT/SO win or loss.

-1 bonus point for getting the prop question correct.

-If the prediction, and the prop question and OT/SO win/loss (if it occurs) are correct there will be an additional 1 point bonus.

-Maximum points you can get per game will be 5.


Please feel free to offer other suggestions.  All feedback relating to this is welcome!


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I'm not for/against it, but doesn't this happen already to a certain degree in the GDT?  And for other games not involving the 'Nucks it happens in the other threads from the 'Around the NHL' (or whatever that's ones called these days) forum. 

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Appreciate the feedback so far.  I remembered a user called absolutecanucks who volunteered to do this back then. 


If this is something that garners interest over the summer.  I can volunteer myself to do this, unless there is someone else who would like to take on the challenge.



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