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[Mafia] Game of Thrones (Game On)

Beluga Whale

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17 hours ago, Kazmanian Devil said:

Where did this lad go



Appreciate the mention but the regime is too tied up with regimey stuff like bunga bunga, bribery and general corruption/opulence to commit to a game that requires an oath of activity.  


Miss you guys though - hopefully be back soon!

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5 hours ago, Kakanucks said:

Can I be on a waiting list?

I would like to play, but I won't be able to commit until after Sunday.



Yeah I can put you on the sub list. 


3 hours ago, King Heffy said:

Vote ClassySubban

You going to sign up?


1 hour ago, JAY JAY said:

@Beluga Whale


Can you explain how the director role works exactly? Are all actions redirected including kills?

Is the '1 time bulletproof' an auto function when a player is targeted or does it require notice of use?

The redirector can 'redirect' any night action including vigilante kills. Also, players will be notified if their action was redirected. I'll try to expand more on all the new roles when I write up the role cards.


Here's an example of how the redirector would work: 

Dral is the redirector. 

Virt is the vigilante and is targeting 112.

Dral redirects Virt to Kaz.

Virt kills Kaz but is notified that his kill was redirected to Kaz.


With the inclusion of this role, TP specials should be very cautious with role claiming. 


And yeah the 1-shot bulletproof is basically an auto function when a player is targeted with a kill.



39 minutes ago, One one two said:

grats BW on your advance to the next round in the championships


proud of and cheering for you



Thank you :)


32 minutes ago, One one two said:

And I'm not sure when your next game starts, but if you need some extra help managing this one with your advancement in mind, feel free to remove me from the sign-up list and set me up as a co-host.

It probably won't start until near the end of the summer so that won't be needed but thanks anyway. 

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1 hour ago, Beluga Whale said:

@Dral, you in?

I was hoping you'd break your own rule and sign me up with out me signing on the dotted line... that way I would be free to break your rules and PM someone...


as it stands, I'll be traveling around for the next week so activity levels on a couple of those days will be lacking... and more importantly so will drinking...


53 minutes ago, Dr.Strangelove said:

why did you just quote all of Virts dupes ?

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