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[Mafia] Game of Thrones (Game On)

Beluga Whale

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14 minutes ago, Beluga Whale said:

@Kakanucks would you be able to play if the first nightfall was Monday night? That means we'd start sometime tomorrow but you'd only be expected to post on Monday.


Right now we have 15 and it doesn't look like we'll get 19 so we can go with what we have either tonight or tomorrow.

Yes, I will be able to start posting on Sunday, but sparsely.

Post frequency will increase dramatically on Monday.

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12 minutes ago, Kakanucks said:

What happened to Virt??:huh:

A very unfortunate incident at an all male bath house. Not to get too gossipy but apparently the main rule for the bath house was look but don't touch. Virt was unable to adhere to that rule as it were and as such has lost the use of his hands. He hasn't been able to type or partake in his other hobby in the past few days. Our thoughts and prayers are with him.  

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1 hour ago, Beluga Whale said:

@Qwags and @fwybwed I'm going to give you two the benefit of the doubt and include you in the game, but you guys have to take this game more seriously than your previous games.


2 more spots available. If it doesn't fill by tomorrow afternoon I'll modify the roles and just start it with 17.

You got it!


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6 hours ago, Aladeen said:

 @Go Faulk Yourself  @otherwise @HashtagNucks @Master Radishes @Mathew Barzal @Where's Wellwood @Baka @milk and honey @Fox Mulder


We forgot to mention all these wonderful peeps! Where you all at? Virt is gone so you don't have to be afraid to play anymore!

Thinks for thanking of me but I've got no time.


I'll play another game eventually.

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