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(Proposal)Draft day/Offseason

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So due to to our abundance of cap space and the young talent possibly available I think we should take the opportunity to help our future.


First proposal: Van-Edm


To Van:

Nail Yakupov


To Edm:

Cole Cassels

Guillaume Brisebois


Why Edmonton does this: The Oilers have an abundance of young offensive talent, they have 3 offensive centers but no legitimate 3C prospects to take some of the defensive load off of RNH Mcdavid qnd Draisaitle in the future. Brisebois is added as a solid defensive prospect to help their depth in the future and to even out the value. 


Why Vancouver does this: There are not many chances to trade for a 1st overall pick but theres a good chance Yakupov is the odd man out. His value has diminished since his production has slowed. I think he could use a change of scenery and could become a solid top-6 forward in the future. I've heard things like alot of the other young players in Edmonton don't want to hangout with him. Our young players are leaders and i think they would be willing to take him under their wing.


2nd proposal: Van-Car


To Van:

Jeff Skinner


To Car:

Jared McCann

Alex Grenier

Rights to Columbus 2nd


Why Carolina does this: Jeff Skinner has had a history of injuries and that could be concerning. There was also a rumour a year ago that he was being shopped. Lastly from my understanding the center pool of the Hurricanes is rather unimpressive and could use a guy like McCann


Why Vancouver does this: Jeff Skinner given the right opportunity could regain his 30 goal form. He's 23 years old and fits the age group of our young players. I think management should take a risk like this to improve the team short and long term.


3rd deal: Van-Bos


To Van:

Bos 1st (14th overall)


To Bos:

Jannik Hansen

Pit 3rd


Why Boston does this: Boston was 1 seed out of a playoff spot and will come back stronger next year. With the loss of Loui Eriksson they will need a replacement. Hansen can also add grit to their lineup to help with the playoffs. The 3rd is to even out the value.


Why Vancouver does this: The Canucks are trying to turn things around as fast as possible and getting an extra 1st gives us the opportunity to add a much needed d-man to our prospect pool.


Players being Re-Signed


Baertschi 3 years 2.5M

Etem 1 year 900k

Kenins 1 year 700k

Vey 1 year 900k

Pedan 2 years 900k

Cannata 1 year 600k


Players released


Brandon Prust

Yannick Weber

Matt Bartkowski

Radim Vrbata

Alex Grenier

Alex Friesen








Sign David Backes 3 years at 5.5M


Line up next year















Canucks future line-up
















I think these deals set us up in the future. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

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Not too shabby eh....I do not like the Skinner deal though, McCann will be better than him in 2 years, also like you said he is injury prone and comes at a high cap hit, whereas mccann will be cheap for at least 3 more years. In fact I think once McCann puts on some muscle, he will be similar to Kesler

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I can tell you why those trades won't happen. 1) There's no way in Hell Edmonton does that deal for Brisebois and Cassels. 2) Why on God's Green Earth would the Canucks want somebody who's injury prone for that kind of return? Carolina can keep Skinner and leave that concern with them. 3) You're going to have to add more than just Hanson and a 3rd for Boston's pick. 

As for UFA list  I'd rather have Ericsson or Okposo before taking a look at Backes. Besides Backes won't sign for 5.5m for 3 years. Also I want Martin or Brouwer please and thank you. 

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So you want an entitled underachiever (Yak) and a one-hit-away from a concussion retirement (Skinner) for prospects that JB has personally scouted and acquired as future pieces of the rebuild - sounds legit. 

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1 hour ago, luckylager said:

I'm speechless....


Snipeshow, umm, wow. Not even close.

Dude, struggling players like yakupov don't have much value. He might be worth a 2nd. I doubt anyone else in the league gives up any more than that. Olson is worth more than a 7th, closer to a 3rd/2nd ovr. Basically a 2nd+3rd for Yak. I doubt that would happen though, I see yakupov as a part of a bigger deal.

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Haven't been on here in almost a year and I see very little has changed. Typical undervaluing of non-Canucks, overvaluing of every Canuck. Jannik Hansen and a third worth a first? The Skinner proposal is the only one remotely realistic and even that one would never happen. 

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I don't think Yak's value is really very high at this point.  I'd do that trade if they were willing, but I agree they'd want more.  It is a real risky move to pick up Yak, but his sheer ability dictates some GM would be willing to provide a better return than that.  Not sure I'd be willing to take the risk of giving them more.  He's certainly not a Benning-type player anyway, with inconsistent effort and horrible defensive play.

While Skinner is a good player, he does have a history of injury, and he's not the gritty kind of player Benning is looking for.  I think I'd sooner take the risk on hoping McCann develops fully.  If he does, he has the potential to be a really good player; his hockey IQ is excellent.  McCann aside, we will be relying on either Tkachuk or Dubios to be our 1st line LW, which both have the potential of being.  If they only amount to 2nd line players, then we are still looking for elite talent for the position and Skinner isn't it.

In a deep draft, Boston would want more than Hansen for the 14th; at least give them our 2nd from Columbus.  I'd do that.

Overall, not quite as bad of proposals as some are making them out to be, imo.  Seen worse on CDC.  Ballard, anyone?


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I don't really know what Yaks value is, it's an odd situation, either way i'd stay away unless we grab him for a bag of pucks.


I actually don't mind Skinner and the deal seems fair, still though the injuries would worry me plus I kinda want to keep McCann.


For the last one I don't think Hansen  and a third would do it, but I could be wrong.


Overall I would say well done.

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You lost me at Skinner. Wouldn't want that guy due to his history of injuries. Not worth losing McCann+ that's for sure. And Hansen+ for BOS's 1st? No way they'd do that either. Here, we've got this 30 year old former 9th round pick who's got speed and is an excellent PKer. Can we have your 1st round pick for him? lol  PIT's 3rd pick could also be considered an early 4th, because they're still in the playoffs. And why would EDM trade one of their 1st overall picks for two unproven AHLers?

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