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Proposal (MTL VAN)

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People say my trades are pretty one sided so I tried to think of a fair trade for both sides. Here it is.













Burrows is a Quebec native

Subban gets to play with his brother

Edler is a good defenseman


Thrower and Juulsen are BC boys

Montreal is not in rebuild mode.

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Imagine an all  BC boys team in this case and then you would have a line up like this:


    Benn   Johansen  Virtanen 

      Lucic Turris Lazar

    Ladd Reinhart Brouwer 

    Kane  Ferraro   Connolly 


         Weber  Seabrook

           Stecher Barrie

           Dillon Hamhuis 






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3 minutes ago, ItsMillerTime said:

Positives why we are getting Thrower and Juulsen. They're BC boys. Who cares if were trading the best dman on the team. A guy with 4.5 million cap space and a promising defensemen in Subban. But hey its ok since they're BC boys.

Subban is a long shot + Juulsen has a 7.5 rating on hockey's future + Thrower is supposed to be another Bieksa. The only thing I agree about with you is Edler.

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I would rather see a Subban come this direction...


Not that top D like Subban ever get traded... but if he did, some deal involving our 5th and Burrows + could actually be of interest.


Montreal covets Dubois a lot apparently as a francophone possible top line player who adds some size to their lineup.  Pretty much a perfect player for them if he pans out.


Burrows is a way to even out the cap swap in the short term.

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There's this thing called the cap, & if it fits any GM's noggin too tightly, they get a bad headache - & then the league prescribes sh*tty medicine.


So like, imagine every GM's hat size had to be 72~74(whatever measurement this is !?)..& you're adding like +10 to Bergevin's head..and so, then ..OH Forgettaboutit!

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