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Police Can Now See You Text a Mile Away


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59 minutes ago, Rocky Balboa said:

Would you feel the same if someone texting and speeding ended up killing a loved one?


And that same person shows no remorse and laughs about it?

What if, what if, what if.


You know where I don't text and drive ? On German highways or on the streets of Bangkok. You get caught not paying attention, you will get steam rolled. Raise the speed limits to wake people TF up. It sure worked for me.


You probably drive faster than the posted speed all the time. And most people on this thread probably have had a glace at their phone if conditions permit. How about we just use some common sense ?


The whole point of my answer was to make people realize that we cannot keep legislating ourselves to this abject state of boredom with all these laws. Over structuring is turning everyone into these deadbeat zombies.  Boredom leads to drug use. Drug use can lead to death.


Some people are starting to realize this. The Irish for example.


Irish County Of Kerry Legalizes 'Drunk Driving' To Allow Rural People ...


Jan 23, 2013 - While states across America tighten laws on drunk driving, a county in southwest Ireland has RELAXED its drinking and driving laws to allow ...



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4 hours ago, LolClarkson said:

You can't legislate away accidents. .

We can't keep dulling down life by overstructuring everything 


Over structure causes boredom.  Boredom causes drug use.  Drug use causes over doses and death.  So you are committing murder by over structuring society


I agree, the results speak for themselves, because most people are incapable of having their own unique thoughts. Stay within the box! 

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