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Hey guys, I'm a twelve year old who wants to become a rapper. I've shown some raps to my friends, and they said it's pretty good, but I want your opinion. This song is called "A Bottle of Water"


How much a dollar really cost

Is the real question

I asked a homeless man

He said "It's a blessing"


A dollar

Can buy you a bottle of water

So get what you need

Don't be so greedy


Don't get the

Candy or the taffy

Cause think about

When something horrible happens


Would you take the candy 

Or the bottle of water

If I asked this in Africa 

Kid'll be startled because of their options


A bottle of water

Can feed me

All candy does 

Is cheat me


So let's get a bottle of water

And split it 7 billion ways

Give to the world

Now everyone is cured


So no

A dollar does not cost 100 pennies

It teaches you lessons

Like befriend your enemies


So let's get a bottle

And give it to everyone

Once that bottle is done

Let's get another one


Inspired by Kendrick Lamar "How Much a Dollar Really Cost"


Tell me what you think. Thanks

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7 minutes ago, thejazz97 said:

I mean, if you're writing stuff, you're doing better than I ever did (I used to want to become a rapper - the ability was there but couldn't write worth a rip)


This sounds like an Earth Day rap tbh tho


5 minutes ago, Kazmanian Devil said:








2 minutes ago, Alain Vigneault said:


Thank you. You're helping me reach my dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Looks good! It's hard to imagine what it sounds like without any music attached to it because it sounded slightly choppy in my head when I read it, but the overall idea is well done. It's nice to see raps that are about real issues in the world rather than rambling about clubs and women.

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