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3rd Annual CDC Fantasy League Entry Draft (2016 edition)


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Welcome to the 2016 CDCFL Entry Draft, hosted by GM @Mimerez and his Buffalo Sabres!


The draft will be tracked here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sN0FLhAR2AvDAwd_Qnz6jQHR18TlxdFA2PoR2fDYCuY/edit#gid=0




1) Please use this thread as a drafting thread only. All trading talk and draft reactions can be posted in the main thread.


2) In all trades involving 2016 draft picks, 2018 picks are ineligible to be included. We always keep a 2 year gap with our draft picks, so if a 2016 pick is involved, only 2016 and 2017 picks are eligible to be included in the trade.


3) The time limits are as such:

1st Round: 3 hours

2nd Round: 2 hours

3rd Round: 1 hour

4th Round: 1 hour

5th Round: 0.5 hours


However, the time limits will not start until we award a winner!


4) The draft clock will run from 7:00 am - 10:00 pm every day. Picks are allowed outside of these parameters, but you have no limit to make your pick when the clock isn't on.


5) After you make your pick, please tag them in your post. This will help things run smoother.


6) If a GM fails to make a pick within their time limit, they may make it up as soon as they can.


7) If you feel you may not make your pick, you may send myself a draft list. Include as many names as you'd like, and if you're not around when its your pick, I'll select for you based off of your list.


8) If a pick is traded, the time limit does not restart. If for some reason I am not online to post the trade before that time limit runs out, please get the GM with the pick to select the player you would like, and I will post the trade after with the player involved. Hopefully this keeps the draft moving and we will avoid any potential holdups. (For example: Tampa trades for 1st overall but I'm not online to post the trade. The time limit is running out, so Tampa tells the owner of 1st overall to pick the player they'd like. The owner of the pick selects this player and I then post the trade with the player in it, instead of the pick after I log back on)


9) @JE14 and @SwedeHockey will be helping me run the draft. They will post when a teams time limit is up, as well as helping to update the spreadsheet.


The Edmonton Oilers and @theminister may pick whenever they like! No rush!

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We would like to begin by thanking the Commissioner, Nail, and the host city of Buffalo's GM Mimerez, for welcoming us to your fair city. 


With the 1st overall selection in the 2016 CDCFL Entry Draft, the Edmonton Oilers are proud to select, from the Zurich Lions of the Swiss National League, centre Auston Matthews






@Sidney Crosby. You're up!

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The Rangers would like to thank the city of Buffalo for their warm hospitality and congratulate Boston Bruins on their playoff title. We would like to say hi to all of our fans at our draft party in Applebees.


With the 2nd overall pick of the 2016 draft, the New York Rangers select from Tappara of the Finish Elite League, Patrik Laine



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Due to the lack of thanks to the host of the 2016 NHL Entry Draft...


The Buffalo Sabres and GM Mime would like to thank commissioner Nail, and GM Mime for hosting us in the most beautiful city in North America...


With the 8th Overall pick, the Sabres selected...


Alexander Nylander!




Special thanks to Inane and Lethunder for taking my 2 players as well.


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The Ottawa Senators thank commissioner Nail and GM Mimerez for hosting the draft.


Unfourtunately my assistant Gstank could not join us today.


Ottawa is proud to select the Max Kaminsky Trophy winner for most outstanding defenseman in the OHL, from the Windsor Spitfires....


Mikhail Sergachev!



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