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Question about the Tortorella 2nd


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From what I can find, Vancouver gets Colombus 2nd round pick for signing Torts; but this was Columbus choice from 2016 or 2017. Does anybody know when Columbus has to make this decision, or have they already decided on 2017?



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25 minutes ago, Mathew Barzal said:

Give them our second next year as a bribe to give us their second this year. I think the math works out in the end.

We don't have a second

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6 hours ago, Googlie said:

Offer them Higgy or Burr as a sweetener to induce them to give us the pick this year

No, we get them to take Sbisa and Higgins off our hands in exchange for waiving our rights to the pick. Although I could see Higgins making decent comeback this season if we have the cap space, which is likely.

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