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Mckeen's Hockey 2012-13 on Erik Gudranson

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Here's some information for those who don't like this trade.  (I hope I haven't duplicated someone's forum)

mckeen's Horckey year book 2012-13  pg. 58 . . . Erik Gudranson  D

Notes:  Rookie 19-year old progressed slowly until emerging over the second half and especially in an eye-opening NHL playoff debut . . started to put it together in the second half - after being gradually phased into the lineup - was a healthy scratch nine times before Christmas . . named 2010 OHL Scholastic Player of the Year . . tall, skilled defender with good toughness and athleticism . . swift and agile in all directions, propelled by log limbs and good footwork . . could use a better startup burst . . boasts impressive finesse skills - soft hands, good skill at the end of his blade . . makes slick toe-drag moves to alter lanes for a big point shot . . grew in confidence as a puckmover - displaying better patience and imagination . . gradually bulking up a spacious frame . . competes well defending - blocks shots and dishes out big hits . . led the Panthers with 154 hits - adding another 22 in the playoffs, averaging over 17 minutes per game . . will continue to improve his read and decision making through experience . . wants to do too much and gets pulled out of coverage lanes - drawn like a magnet to the play . . partnered well with veteran Ed Jovanovski most of the season . . will want to improve on a team-worst minu-19 rating - and build on his postseason experience.

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54 minutes ago, ILL BILL NECRO said:

I just want to know how you get -17 reputation... 

OP's been here for years. Back in the day when you could actually get negatives. i miss those days.



So his plus/minus is  a bit messed up on the actual post since they updated the forum, but his reputation is still funny. 

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4 hours ago, Shift-4 said:

Post counts are off since last upgrade

Which is why join dates should be visible in the on screen profile,  not a sub menu or hover over pop up imo. Admittedly, I don't design websites but seriously, how difficult would that be?

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