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Sven Baertschi | LW


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Not at all sir, Sven needs to be way better then just averaging a point per game.

You do realise there are only 3 players in the AHL this season who have played most of the season with more than a point per game and those 3 players have very little above a point per game right?

So what are your expectations? He doubles every other player in the AHL in point totals?

EDIT: Oh, except Pulkinen who's ahead with 61 points in 46 games. Even that goes against your argument. I'm going to assume that your expectations will not be met. :rolleyes:

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Cory Perry had 34 points in 19 games


So now your comparable is (arguably) one of the top 3 snipers (Ovechkin, Stamkos, Perry) in the entire National Hockey League.

I kept my ceiling for Baertschi to be a very good every day top-6 forward (20g/55~60 points in his prime), which I'd say is quite optimistic, but you won't be excited for anything less than a perennial 40-50g/80-95 point candidate.

Aside from that, you haven't actually addressed my point to begin with. The one that asked for proof that a top-6 player at the NHL level needed to be (←your words, not mine) 1.5 PPG players in the AHL at 22 years old.

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To be clear, that's what I perceive his potential to be.

Whether he reaches that or not is another matter altogether.

He has to play for the Canucks right from the start of the next season or clear waivers.

3rd & 4th line minutes & press box time did not help his progression in Calgary, maybe it will in Vancouver.

Unless you think he can play 2nd line LW.....

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