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Sven Baertschi | LW

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Baertschi's first goal. Hard to see because of the bad camera work, but he kind of just throws it at the net and it goes in.


Baertschi's almost goal where he thinks he scores.


Baertschi's empty net goal.


unselfish play by Grenier..passing to Sven with an open net..how was Shinks goal?

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I think it`s similar to Grabner in his 3rd season in the AHL. The guy was clearly good enough for the next level. The Canucks just never really made room for him.

With his contract status next season, the coach will be forced to use him.

So Baertschi stunk it up in camp every year and then got moved before he was waiver eligible after showing some promise in his call ups but still being behind others on the NHL roster?

I get what you mean to a point but their situations aren't that similar. I don't think Baertschi has had trouble in camp so much, and Grabner wasn't necessarily disparaged in his time here like Burke did with Baertschi.

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I get what you mean to a point but their situations aren't that similar. I don't think Baertschi has had trouble in camp so much, and Grabner wasn't necessarily disparaged in his time here like Burke did with Baertschi.

Baertschi's work ethic was definitely questioned by Burke in camp.

And yes, he was forced down the depth chart on the Flames by less skilled players.

My point was that he is on the brink of being an NHLer much like Grabner was. Just have to have a little patience with him.

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Guest Dasein

Kesler always needed that playmaking winger... Only if eh?


Anyway, we have Bones now and hopefully he and Sven can develop some chemistry.

I'm thinking it might even be Horvat:

D Sedin - H Sedin - Kassian

Matthias - Bonino - Vrbata

Baertschi - Horvat - Burrows

Dorsett - UFA/Richie/Vey/Prospect - Hansen

Missing #20, and we know JB loves his Higgy so we'll have to see what happens next year

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baertschi - bonino - vrbata

I agree this is a plausible second line for next year, with all three guys already under contract. And I expect to see the entire line of Kenins-Horvat-Hansen to continue together as the third line. That is pretty good middle six with a very reasonable price tag.

That leaves the Sedins with either Burrows or Kassian as the first line and a lot of competition for the 4th line. Higgins is under contract and Vey is an RFA. Unless someone is moved there is not much room to re-sign free agents Matthias, Dorsett, and Richardson. But those three guys provide much needed size (Matthias) and toughness (Dorsett and Richardson). And some people think Virtanen has a chance. And Guance could make a push.

Obviously either UFAs disappear or some players have to be moved.

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Baertschi is elite at the AHL level and will be a fantastic top-6 winger on this team soon. The Flames will be hard-pressed to get someone of his quality with a 2nd round pick, even if they want a defenceman they're not going to get anything worth Baertschi with that pick.

Doubt he'll get much NHL time this season with 10ish games left and Vey, Kassian and Kenins all fighting for the remaining ice-time, but next season we'll have a dog-fight for forwards. The emergence of Vey, Kassian, Baertschi and maybe even Jensen means we can let Richardson and Dorsett walk, and maybe even trade Higgins for a 2nd round pick (or package him for something bigger).

Sedin - Sedin - Kassian

Vbrata - Bonino - Vey

Baertschi - Matthias - Burrows

Kenins - Horvat - Hansen


That's how you start a youth movement - get kids like Vey and Kassian up into that top-6 slowly, and eventually Horvat will move up our ranks to become our 2nd line center. I kept him here as our "4C" just because of the line chemistry he has right now, but he'll be playing as our 3rd line center in no time, maybe even with Baertschi.

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It's so encouraging that Sven is doing so well in Utica so far. I think management will convince the coaching staff to be patient with Sven next season when he get's a spot on the team. Not only will he help out offensively, he will most likely be featured on a struggling 2nd line PP unit, push talent down the line-up making the team deeper, and add a much needed offensive winger to the top 6.

I can't remember the last time the Canucks could potentially be as deep as they could be next year. There will be some changes because the Canucks will be in the luxury of a log-jam on forwards. Perfect opportunity for Benning to acquire one or two draft picks in the 2nd-3rd round of the draft depending on who gets the chop.

Dorsett and Matthias I am 100% convinced will be re-signed, Richardson I am at 40%, I think he might be gone and that's not down to his play, I think he has been fantastic for us. I really like Chris Higgins and I really do hope he stays but I don't think there will be room for him on the roster next season. If Higgins is traded I think Richardson will be re-signed. So the line-up if Higgins is traded for a 2nd round pick(value?)

Sedin - Sedin - Kassian

Baertschi - Bonino - Vrbata

Matthias - Horvat - Burrows

Dorsett - Richardson - Hansen

Vey, Kenins

I think Vey might be in risk of being pushed out if he doesn't up his game and improve in the circle. Even if Higgins stays I think Matthias would play over Vey.

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