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5 minutes ago, Alflives said:

Love this player.  IMHAO, he's the best Canuck ever.  He has been an elite number one centre for 10 seasons.  

Best all around, I'd agree. He's by far my favorite Canuck (past or present). It's truly been an honor to watch him do work. I think a healthy Henrik should pull points in the seventies for sure.

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17 hours ago, kloubek said:

Funny how the Sedin threads get so little attention, yet we all have such a deep respect and give props for these amazing players we have been blessed with for a long, long time.


Mad props.

I think it's because there is nothing more we can say that hasn't been said already.

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On ‎6‎/‎2‎/‎2016 at 8:54 PM, ThrustyPrusty89 said:

 I think a healthy Henrik should pull points in the seventies for sure.

1. If JB gets a reasonable supporting cast around the twins, both of them will continue to be very productive for the duration of their existing contracts imo.


2. If JB can do better than just a reasonable supporting cast - the twins can remain impact players to the end of their contracts imo. 


3. If none of the above happens - the twins will feel the brunt of every teams best shut-down guys for the next 160+ games, and struggle not to decline in production drastically before the end of their contracts. 


I really hope it's #2. 

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quite possibly the greatest canuck of all time.  1st Canuck to ever win an art ross.  a true franchice player for the team. 


elite vision, hockey IQ, excellent hockey sense, offensive abilities, puck possession and strength with the puck.    A true leader on the ice and off the ice.  Disrespected around the leauge.  I have no clue why, this is why our sport really do have awful fans.  they have something against the Canucks, but don`t have the guts to honor how good he is.


also a player that donates anonymously.  The day he retires is the sad day for hockey and Canucks fans. I really hope I can see him lift a cup for the Canucks.  He really deserves it.

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14 hours ago, Sedin Brothers said:

I saw the Sedin's didn't have much traction on the player discussion thread. Maybe it would be nice to have the Sedin's merged into one thread? This is due to the fact that they are typically talked about in pairs. I think it would generate a bit more topic to them.

While I see your point, I still think the fact that they are two distinctive players merits having two separate threads. I suspect the lack of discussion is more due to their age and pre-fulfilled potential as compared to guys like Gudbranson, Horvat, Virtanen, etc.

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I wasn't expecting to be saying this for a couple more seasons but, so far, the twins look sluggish and beat down. Defending players are reading them much easier and are able to stop their cycle play much easier. So far, at least, they are, simply, not as crisp as in past seasons. I hope this is only short lived.

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I wasn't really thrilled about signing LE to play alongside the Sedins.  They have always needed a quick skating, blue collar puck hound, with keen hockey IQ kind of player (Carter, Burr, Hanson, Sutter).  They don't need a skilled play maker, that's for sure.


Now that Hansen is back on their line, they should start scoring again.  Unfortunately his absence hurts the 2nd line, but I am hoping that Eriksson will develop some chemistry with Granny and Sutts.

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That's a sexy looking stat line.  Congrats to Henr1K!


Player Pos         GP           G               A           Pts          "+\-"          PIM            PP            SH           GW         S         S%
1.  Henrik Sedin C 1213 233 767 1000 206 632 61 7 38 1747 13.3
2.  Daniel Sedin LW 1190 366 602 968 179 496 128 0 79 3187 11.5
3.  Markus Naslund LW 884 346 410 756 2 614 114 6 49 2613 13.2
4.  Trevor Linden C 1140 318 415 733 -44 730 97 15 33 2246 14.2
5.  Stan Smyl RW 896 262 411 673 -77 1556 74 13 20 1903 13.8


One of the weird stats of the season so far this year has got to be Henrik's shooting percentage.  Can he keep it up for the 2nd half?

Player Pos GP G A Pts "+\-" PIM PP SH GW S S%
1.  Bo Horvat C 47 13 17 30 0 16 1 2 1 82 15.9
2.  Henrik Sedin C 47 11 19 30 -8 10 1 0 4 57 19.3
3.  Daniel Sedin LW 47 11 15 26 -5 22 5 0 1 120 9.2
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