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Houston Teacher has sex with student, 13, who impregnated her

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The take away I get from stories like this:


Male teacher has sex with underage female student = disgusting crime for which there should be extreme punishment. 


Female teacher has sex with underage male student = time to find an excuse to legitimize the crime, because he probably wanted it (NICE!!!!)


If you are under the age of consent, by law it cannot be consensual. Parents cannot give consent to their underage child's sexual intercourse by proxy.  If the parents DID give their blessing to this arrangement,  they should also be held responsible as they willingly allowed their child to be subject to a criminal act.


I am sure that there are some 'relationships' between a teacher and a student that aren't predatory in nature, but in order to protect the safety of children the law needs be observed equally and applied across both genders, even if it's clear 'he or she wanted it'.



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