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(Rumour) Travis Green may have interest to the Flames

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7 minutes ago, SilentSam said:

Wish the Canucks would try to protect TG for one more year..  Not the Flames, Pulleezzz :( image.png


Maybe we will get lucky and they will hire Gulutzan (who has done a terrible job with the canucks offence/powerplay) and then we can move Travis Green up to Assistant Coach for a year or 2 before taking over for Willie as head coach in year 2/3...


One can dream anyway...  :unsure:

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This was known a while ago. 


Nothing Canucks can do about it unfortunately. 


Not sure what else Green can do in Utica since down there the goal isn't to necessarily win but to develop players into NHL ready assets - which he's done. 


I don't think putting him in Vancouver as another 'associate' coach on the bench with WD would be fair to Willy either. 


Will be unfortunate for the franchise if he does go, but no one can say he didn't earn his shot in the show. 

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It would be a big loss if he goes, but I'm sure we can find another good coach out there.


As much as Green has had an impact, I think the atmosphere in Utica is what has elevated our prospects games. That will exist under another coach too.

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3 minutes ago, NUCKER67 said:

Isn't there a way the Canucks could fire Gulutzen and hire Green as his replacement? Then transition him to the Head Coaching job after Desjardins' contract is up?

That would be a bush move to WD, also the Flames could decide to go with Green anyway which he would have an out clause for an NHL head coach job anyway...

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15 minutes ago, DontMessMe said:

Shinkaruk better cry then. Green had input in trading him away apparently 

If the Flames draft Nylander it's hard to believe Shinkaruk will have a place in the top 6 anyways.







That's way too small and soft of a top 6, especially on a Burke influenced team.

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25 minutes ago, The Horvatian One said:

Just to clarify, Canucks don't get compensation for either of these two do they? Wouldn't think so

No,.   I beleive the NHL recently put their stamp of disapproval on that type of transaction...  Of course, the NHL approved of the Tortarella contract..   But when the Canucks lived it to the letter, the NHL was embarrassed by it,  and changed the rules . I beleive we owe Mike Gillis a case of beer for that one ;) 

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