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Elon Musk Is an Alien-Proof


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Last night, Elon Musk suggested that Earth is simply a simulation from an alien race’s video game. Why would Musk say this? Because he is one of those aliens.

It’s easy to get a kick out of Musk’s quirky quotables. But the closer you look at his words and actions, the more you’ll start to see: He’s an alien who came from another galaxy to help save humanity. Here’s proof.


SpaceX is just a front so he can have somewhere to store his own space transportation vehicles without raising suspicion. (All those “failed” launches—totally staged.) Why is Musk so hell-bent on getting rockets to leave our atmosphere? Because eventually, he needs to get home.

The plan to blow up Mars

Musk raised more than Stephen Colbert’s eyebrows when he recommended that we “drop thermonuclear weapons over the poles” of Mars. Why would anyone want to lob nukes at an innocent planet? He claims it might warm the atmosphere up enough to make Mars hospitable. But he really wanted to destroy it. I mean, if your own race had long been at odds with the extraterrestrials that reside on Mars, you’d want to blow them up, too. Maybe It’s part of the reason he came to Earth. Luckily there now seems to be some kind of treaty in place.

The plan to land on Mars

He keeps making the Mars jokes to throw us off track.

The plan to “die” on Mars

Musk has said several times that he wants to retire and expire on the Red Planet. But this is really just so people won’t notice that he went back to his own planet.


No entrepreneur in their right mind would get into the electric vehicle business, which currently represents only about 0.1 percent of all cars sold. Yet Musk is pouring billions into his “secret master plan” to get transportation off fossil fuels, reduce global emissions, and therefore prevent a catastrophic warming of the planet. What’s more, he proposed this way before we even knew how much trouble we were in.

 Alien spotted exiting potential spacecraft. (Image: Getty)                                                                                                            Autopilot  He accidentally put the autonomous feature on Tesla’s cars too early, forgetting that humans weren’t as intelligent as his own race.                                                                                                                                                                     Powerwalls  What’s really inside those Tesla Powerwalls? That’s just it: No one knows.                                                            The Gigafactory  No one needs a factory that big. He had to build it that big so the giant solar array on the roof would be powerful enough to help him communicate with his friends back home. Which is also why he wants to build an internet in space. His knowledge of the sun   “A lot of people don’t appreciate that our sun is a giant fusion explosion,” he said last year. He’s right—people never would.                                                                                                                                                                  His knowledge of interplanetary law  Why would he have an entire proposal for how to run a government on another planet? Because he ran a government on another planet.                                                                                                                         His knowledge of how comfortable Dragon 2 would be for traveling through the Solar System  BECAUSE HE ALREADY DID IT!                                                                                                                                                                                                            He lives in Bel-Air  Come on, buying a house in Bel-Air is something you’d do if the only things you knew about LA were from what you learned on TV shows.                                                                                                                                                                                                 His ex-wife affectionally calls him a cyborg   I do think of him as the Terminator. He locks his gaze on to something and says, ‘It shall be mine.’ Bit by bit, he won me over.” This is something that Justine Musk, his ex-wife, actually said that.                           The Hyperloop


Sure, it’s not a new idea. But no one paid attention to this concept until he proposed it and gave us a few hints about how to do it right. This idea—which makes a lot more sense in a place without an Earth-like atmosphere—is obviously the way they get around back where he comes from. And the fact that he just left the idea out there, letting all these Earthbound companies get the glory? Brilliant.
Sometimes he forgets he’s not one of us. (Image: Samferdselsdepartementet)

Bioweapon Defense Mode

And apparently we’re gonna need this Tesla feature. Because...

He keeps warning us about World War III

“I think we need to acknowledge that there’s certainly a possibility of a third World War, and if that does occur it could be far worse than anything that’s happened before,” he said last year. Ominous as &^@#! HE KNOWS.

He keeps warning us about the robot apocalypse

Why do you think he started Open AI? Why doesn’t he want autonomous military tech? Why is he worried that Google is becoming too powerful? He’s seen it all happen before, you guys. He’s here to stop it.

He can travel through time

Musk makes weird comments all the time where it’s completely obvious that he already knows what’s going to happen. Consider last night’s exchange with Joshua Topolsky at the Code conference:

How could he have possibly guessed that Topolsky was going to ask that?

Another example: He called Apple’s car a missed opportunity. Apple’s car has not even been made yet—how would he know? Only if he had already seen it. By traveling through time.

He doesn’t behave like a human

He has been known to sleep at his desk (because he doesn’t need to sleep, obviously) and he thinks cars are built like babies. Then he tries to share things that make him seem like he has emotions, but he fails.


Just look at him

Look at me, I’m a regular human that gets pop culture references! (Image: Arthur Mola via AP Images)




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34 minutes ago, Baer. said:

Is anybody actually going to read the whole thing

If you're talking about his post, I already did.  It was entertaining. 


If you're thinking he was being serious, you are one of the mentally slower people on CDC and are setting yourself up to being trolled by the OP and others.

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Just now, SabreFan1 said:

If you're talking about his post, I already did.  It was entertaining. 


If you're thinking he was being serious, you are one of the mentally slower people on CDC and are setting yourself up to being trolled by the OP and others.

...no I know it's a joke....


I was just saying it's long

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