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Henrik Sedin

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I like this one the most I think. Good colour blocking with the render and while I might not have choose the splash effect (the cube effect from the Bure sig would have been nice) it looks good. I'd dial back on the lighting on Henrik's visor though - not a bad spot fro it but just a bit to overstated for me.

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7 hours ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Nice work!


Nice to have another member part of the Creative and Media Forum, to make this place active again. This place has been pretty dead for some time now.

Do you not do sigs anymore, @-Vintage Canuck-?

Good work, @John Weisbrod. I just now noticed the "Henrik" in the "Sedin" letters- cool idea! I liked the Bo and Guddy sigs too.

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10 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

Oh, I still do. I totally forgot about your request, sorry about that! I will try and have it completed soon.

Thank you! I'm sure everyone's sick of my current one, anyway.

You used to be the only person I ever saw posting in here. I wish i could do the whole photoshopping thing. It took me like a week to make my sole GDT :lol:

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