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The CDC Appreciation Thread

Sean Monahan

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5 minutes ago, Wild Sean Monahan said:

Good mentions up top there. To me, old news and theminister end up carrying a lot of the NHL-related threads. 


I also appreciate everybody who tries (and fails) to beat VC on breaking trades and signings. I admire your effort but your attempts are futile.

This. Hahaha. Exactly why I don't even bother. @-Vintage Canuck- got that ish on lock!

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Just now, ShakyWalton said:

There are a few I miss and their posts...Tearloch..he shows up every blue moon...AbsentCanuck and WallStreetAmigo.

Yeah, hardly ever seem to see WSA anymore. Before I joined, and I think when I first joined as well, he was pretty prominent on these boards. 

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My faves (in no particular order, except VC):


Y'all are awesome :wub:

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