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Just a Bit Outside - "Season Preview"


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Hey guys just thought we would comment on the topic of credentials. We both came from a broadcast background. We spent a few years working behind the scenes of various shows including as associate producers for Hockey Night in Canada. We don`t claim to have the background of a Jason Botchford and frankly we are happy to come from a different perspective. Frankly we are tired of the media in this city who seem willing to criticize the Canucks at every turn because apparently negativity sells better than positivity. What we are striving for in our podcast is balance. Criticize the team when it is warranted, but remain fair and honest. If you want to hear our thoughts and feelings on Jason Botchford listen to this weeks podcast.

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Our season preview episode is up! There seems to be a real split in this market between cautious optimism and pessimism. We discuss this year's roster along with what's going in Utica and Europe. The question is whether fans will be able to look past what could be a disappointing season and towards the bigger picture as prospects continue to develop from juniors, to NCAA, the AHL and Europe. It's been fun chatting with some of you on the messages boards, whether we agree or disagree and I will be on here all season for more. It should be an interesting ride!




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