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Walmart Canada Wlll Stop Accepting Visa Credit Cards


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Walmart Canada says its customers will no longer be allowed to use Visa cards to make purchases at the store.

In a written statement, representatives from the store say that fees applied to Visa cards are “unacceptably high.”

They say the first stores to stop accepting Visa will be in Thunder Bay, Ont., on July 18, and the change will be rolled out Canada-wide in phases.

The company says it will continue to accept MasterCard, American Express and Interac debit.

Representatives from Visa Canada did not issue a statement online, and didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.


Just FYI

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15 minutes ago, khay said:

Visa fees are higher than American Express? I find that hard to believe.

I find it hard to believe a company like walmart cant get a good deal visa must be loosing alot of money because of this.

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Walmart is a scourge upon the Earth and its business practices over the last 30 years are despotic. 


I just recently had to do a case study on them in business school and they are the worst. The worst. 


And now they are taking over the 3rd world after failing in Germany and most of Europe. The issue is that they will be shappers of society and lifestyle there, not suppliers. That's their plan. 

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2 minutes ago, nucklehead said:

If you're buying your consumables with a credit card...

guess I'm too old school for this show

All my purchases are done with my credit card.  I pay off the balance every month.  It doesn't cost me any interest that way and the rewards are awesome!

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7 minutes ago, Raymond Luxury Yacht said:

Just a little right?


I believe Visa fees are unacceptably high, but this "statement" Walmart is making is the changing world of marketing.  

It's about drawing lines and pledging allegiances. It's a war of business conglomerates. 


It's like the multi-headed hydra of McDonalds, Coke, Nike, Disney, Mattel, and MC already is. Or, in other words, the Olympics minus Budweiser and News Corp. 


There can be only one.


This economic warfare is unique to our time. Nothing like this has ever happened before. And we are doing nothing to check it. 

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