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You think yer a Wiseguy? 


Oh, so you've played Mafia before? So yer so big, so tough, the big funny man? A hot shot? You wanna shot, bend ovah, my sista's been begging for a nice Turtle Dove like youse.


You think you know this game? You think you know these people? Lemme tell ya somethin'...you don't know Jack, and his brudda Squat is right up yer word that rhymes with SASS.


Here's the skinny, and I ain't talkin' 'bout yer doodle:


Sign up by postin' in the thread, once the game hits 15ish and the fellas get a bit restless, the game begins. 


I, being the Boss, will tell ya what you need to know. You gotta question? Ask. You gotta concern? Ask. You gotta grievance? Well, we got a solution for that problem also.


Here's the kicker: you're all Scum. Every last one of ya.


Some of youse is scummier than the others.


PM's allowed.


Roles announced after sign-ups are closed.


Any question you may have will be answered...in front of everybody. Cuz' we're all Family...but some of youse are Rats.


You wanna quote the Boss, you wanna cut corners, you wanna tinker with the tailor? I'll find out about it, and you'll wish your momma never had to witness such pain, cuz' it won't be just you who suffers...I'll bleed you and everyone you ever loved.




Let the sign-up begin ya filthy animals.





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4 hours ago, Dral said:

on a scale from 1 to Dral, how vanilla will this be ?

1-Infinity is too broad a number to define.


All of the roles will be posted once the game gets enough players. How vanilla the game is after that is dependant on how ya play.

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51 minutes ago, milk and honey said:



Just to clarify its basically a free for all or is it multiple mafia teams? 

Instead of Town, there will be Mafia.


Instead of Mafia, there will be Rats.


I will post every player's character name in the player list once we get enough people signed up, and I will post what roles are in the game as well.


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