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Vrbata Weber and Bartkowski will not be re signed.


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Bart did what he could do. Unfortunately he had to fill in a top 4 role at one point of the season if I'm not mistaken due to injuries.


Weber can eff off.



Vrbata is a grumpy guy and the writing was on the wall when the opening night line-ups were decided.



I wish Bart and Vrby well, I don't want to see Weber in my face ever again.

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I'd like to see what kind of contract Vrbata or Weber get now, what with all their whining and acting like petulant children when they didn't get the spots on the team they believed they were guaranteed.


While I'm excited for the draft and free agency, this news may be the best Canucks news yet. Praise the Lord!

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Vrbata's attitude has been awful, so I'm fine with him leaving.  Bartkowski had glimpses of brilliance, but they were few and far between, and I never understood the reasoning to keep Weber.  Onward and upwards my friends.

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46 minutes ago, apollo said:

That awkward moment when you realize you locked up vrbata for 2 more years at 4aav in Cdc puck... 


Arg... He better go to a contender or something. 


Honestly though, vrbata is one of the most underrated guys out there. I think his defensive game is similar to a poor man's datsyuk, even his hands and shot. All in all I think he's a great "poor man's datsyuk"... Which is still pretty good. 


Hoping he lands somewhere in a top 6 role. 


Too bad webs and Bart didn't work out here, all the best to both. Never met Bart but not a chance anyone could not like weber, super nice and soft spoken. 

Datsyuk, not even close....:wacko: 



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53 minutes ago, Odd. said:

I liked Bartkowski. He's done good for a depth defenseman. 18pts, 6 goals, 12 assists. He's done good for what was expected of him IMO. His -19 isn't very good but we allowed a lot of goals last year and our team sucked.


I'll miss Bartkowski's mom too ;(


Weber and Vrbata need to find the door

I think Bartkowski made a good move by signing here last year and set himself up well for the FA with those 6 goals he scored. This being versus the fact he never scored a regular season goal in the league before. I liked the guy and think he was a good fit for us last year, but he was a one year fix for us as we have new faces coming in.


Weber I won't miss and Vrbata even less after the season they both had. But both did some god work for us at times so no hate going that way from me. Both players just left in a negative way as both were very unhappy with how they were being treated in terms of games played and ice time as well as line mates etc so that leaves a sour taste about both guys. Lasting memories of both is from the year ending presser where neither one had anything positive to say and looked highly constipated sitting up there. Sad. As Heisenberg would have said; E- apply yourself! 

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5 minutes ago, apollo said:

Poor man's datsyuk. 

Datsyuk is a Selke Champ Captain. He plays both sides of the puck as hard as anybody & has some of the slickest moves ever. True team player.

Vrbata is a  whiner & a floater who doesn't engage unless he feels the situation fits him and has no resemblance to Datsyuk's moves......

Opposite players from what i've seen.

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