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Vrbata Weber and Bartkowski will not be re signed.


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These are all smart moves... no room for these guys on a team which is getting younger and more skilled.


I liked Bartkowski... he had a good attitude, played hard... but unfortunately just didn't have the composure, puckhandling and passing skills.


Mixed feelings about Vrbata... he was Free Agent signing of the year in 2014/2015, arguably the MVP for the Canucks.  But in 2015/2016, he was the opposite, likely the worst value for money.  He couldn't get past no playing with the Sedins and having to make do with a less than optimum center feeding him.  Attitude was wrong.


Weber... well lets just say Weber had one good year offensively, then it all fell to pieces.  His defensive play was horrible.  Good riddance.

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