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Olli Juolevi | #48 | D


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2 hours ago, TheRussianRocket. said:

Very pleased.


Were in a crappy spot with top 4 forwards going. Decided to not take the next forward a tier below and took a dman. Like it.


Only thing I have a problem with is maybe not trading down. Pretty sure he wouldn't have been picked for the couple picks. But better safe than sorry. Just would have liked getting a 2nd round pick.



mfw cdc mad we got the best dman heading into the draft. He has the skillset we desperately need and lack. Smh at cdc.






Juoelvi is on loan from his Finnish team. 


So if he decides, he can go straight to the AHL after training camp.


...neat little bonus in getting him. Can play overseas, AHL if they think he's ready, or back to jrs.

Oh wow. could we see him in utica next year then.  Probably best to keep him on the london team though if he's not ready. Let him try and defend his team's championship!  There is a pretty good chance Thachuk will be back there next season too.

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I am satisfied with this pick.  Olli Juolevi was probably one of the best if not the best defense men available in this draft.  With Columbus snatching PLD I guess it made sense to get Juolevi. A great dman should play big dividends. I just hope they don't rush him in, let him develop properly. 

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There is nothing wrong with this pick, I like it... But man, passing on Tkachuk just seems strange. 


Its even tougher seeing Calgary get him. He could be a force with Monahan and Johnny.


lets hope Ollie shuts them down!

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I really like Juolevi and he spent a ton of time in my #5 overall spot this year (although to be honest I didn't have him there today). Regardless, this is a strong pick and I'm 100% on board with it. The players I had ahead of him on my list were far from clear cut favourites and Juolevi is more than deserving of his draft position.


I also feel like if JB had Juolevi as his BPA (which of course he did), then he kind of had to take him with the #5 pick. Probably wouldn't have been available if he traded down any more than 1-2 spots (and probably neither Calgary nor Arizona were offering much).


And if our scouts feel like Juolevi is a sure fire first pairing D, and didn't feel the same level of certainly about the projections for Tkachuk (or any other player still on the board), then their choice makes complete sense to me. It very well may be that Juolevi is our future top pairing anchor while Tkachuk tops out as a second liner (in which case we'll have drafted the better player by far).


So I'm very happy with this pick. We've secured an excellent player in Juolevi. 

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15 minutes ago, peaches5 said:

MG was definitely not handed a stacked team. What are you talking about?

Peaches is right. Gillis inherited an 11th place team, 3 point out of a playoff spot.  We also didn't have much in the way of prospects.  Gillis didn't leave us with many top end prospects but I think he was pretty underrated as our GM. Couple presidents trophies and a cup final ... Not easy to come by. 


As for the pick. I really wanted PLD but as soon as we didn't get him I was kind of disappointed that we would need to settle for Tkatchuk. Not that he isn't a good player. He's a gritty forward with good hands... Not easy to come by but he isn't a centre and we have solid wingers now and coming up in jake and Brock and potentially in free agency. 


Once our centre wasn't there I thought about "settling" for Tkatchuk or trading down but as many have noted if your guy is there sometimes you need to take him. If we are 90% sure your guy would fall you don't trade down...there is no guarantee he will be there when you are ready to pick...the blue jackets taught us that today. 


Also... when this past season started if I heard we got the best D-prospect in the follow draft I would be thrilled. 


Excited for free agency ...

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1 minute ago, Gyllenhaal said:

I was pretty upset we didn't take Tkachuk, but that was more because Calgary got him, but I'm really excited we got Juolevi.


When was the last time we had a D prospect of his caliber, Bourdon?


Great pick.

Rather than focusing on what Calgary has for offence, consider the fact that Edmonton has has Hall, Eberle, Yakupov, and Nugent-Hopkins, before they even had McDavid. How well has that gone for them? Not only that, but this is just one example of a team stacked on forwards/forward prospects that has yet to really make an impact.


Sure: Calgary's a rival and I get the spite, but all that is is speculation at this point. Personally, I'd rather have the defenceman to help us against McDavid and "future Edmonton" (if that happens) and Calgary rather than go against those teams with Tkachuk.

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31 minutes ago, khay said:

Agree. But you know what I'm saying. We will have a pretty good defence core. Depending on how far Juolevi, Hutton, Gud, and Tryamkin develop, we are going to have a very good top 6. Possibly a championship calibre defence core.


With Juolevi we have a future top pairing and a replacement for Edler if and when he leaves the team. And don't forget Briesbois, he has a potential to be a top 4. Briesbois' game is based on smarts and making high percentage play. He kind of reminds me of the way Dan Hamhuis used to play.



For sure, and we still have a lot of drafts to go

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2 minutes ago, Noseforthenet said:

I still don't see this as bad news. As a matter of fact, that's even better, isn't it?!


And we also have Sutter and Horvat who can also deal with Tkachuk.

or that big defenseman called Tyramkin. Also that big defender called Gudbranson is pretty good at dealing with him

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12 minutes ago, Gyllenhaal said:

I was pretty upset we didn't take Tkachuk, but that was more because Calgary got him, but I'm really excited we got Juolevi.


When was the last time we had a D prospect of his caliber, Bourdon?


Great pick.

I wonder if Shinkaruk will be traded. I can't see him playing 3rd line and there's no way he jumps above Tkachuk or Gudreau. Can either of the 3 play the right side?


To everyone saying Edmonton and Calgary will destroy us are dillusional. They may outplay us during the season but the big boys shine in the playoffs.


I'd like to introduce them to











The balance of size, skill, character, and speed will make this team very dangerous. I'm actually very excited for our team. The only Canadian team I feel will be dangerous for us once the young guys start gelling is the Jets. Damn they're good. And maybe the Leafs

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