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Olli Juolevi | #48 | D


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Great pick, very smart player. Wanted Dubious and clearly Colombus valued him very high up. I'm so glad we didn't get Tkachuk though, I feel he's overrated playing with Dvorak and Marner. Whoever got Jost is going to be very pleased I wish we got another 1st and picked him up.

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Just now, Honky Cat said:

Agreed,that CBJ screwed things up,..but you can't really get sore about,because it was out of everybody hands...Juolevi wasn't the sexy pick at 5.(also,there was probably disbelief in the crowd that we didn't pick Tkachuk).

Oh I know, I was shocked and even upset at first, but after a few minutes it started to make sense. This was an excellent pick and one that needed to be made. The D looks great now.

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1 minute ago, DeNiro said:

Benning has gotta hit a home run in rounds 3-5. We can't always count on getting elite talent in the first.

Well considering his draft reputation so far, I'd say the odds are pretty decent.


That being said, I think we're far better off now than we would have been has Gillis kept going. While Gillis' drafting got better in his last couple of years, I still don't have faith that that would have continued.

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14 minutes ago, Laoag said:

Benning said on the team 1040 that he would send him back to Junior if he doesn't make the team. That could change but that's the plan.


AHL would be nice but... london Knights are a decent organization.... Pretty dang decent... Like really decent... Decent.

Yeah I'd imagine one more year in London then one in Utica realistically. 


Future D in ~5 years... 


Juolevi, Gudbranson

Hutton, Tryamkin

Pedan, Tanev


Brisebois, Stetcher



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34 minutes ago, Honky Cat said:






All elite players entering their prime.What are you talking about?...Benning acquired a sunken ship.

Thank you a person of reason

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3 minutes ago, Alflives said:

Are Toews, Bergeron, or Kopitar elite?  It really depends on one's definition of elite, does it not?

Elite #1 centre :)


I can say Bo Horvat has a potential of being a elite #2 but not #1. He can maybe play #1C temporarily like Kesler back then when henrik was injured. 

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To appreciate the guy, just watch the shift-by-shift against our very own Team Canada posted one of the other posters. Juolevi's grasp of the game is amazing. He knows how to make an amazing first pass, when to join the rush, when to deliver a hit, when to just use his body, where to block shots, where the potential weak spots are behind him, and he gets to the most optimal spots to make a play very quickly. He not only makes very few mistakes, he also increased the opportunities for his team! I'm sold.


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