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Juolevi vs Cullimore + conspiracy theory Benning


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This is what we get for getting a guy from Boston to be our GM. Worst pick possible. the WORST pick two better D available. Calgary is laughing at what a bunch of loser the Canucks are and always will be. I am not a fan of this team starting now! 



And no I won't let the door hit me on the way out. Garbage you guys should feel sick with how poorly Benning has done.


Trades for the likes of Etem ,Vey, Baertshci, Granlund, Benning plays too much EA sports the guy is about as bright as a brick.


He also waived Markstrom that sure was smart he got lucky nobody grabbed him. Virtanen over Nylander was dumb too. The guy doesn't know what he's doing whatsoever. Canucks are always going to suck. The only guy who did anything was Burke and Quinn. Sedins are from the Burke era but they are faded what a terrible excuse of a hockey team! 


This will probably get locked and trolled but I don't care. I had to speak my mind which I know is frowned upon.

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