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5 hours ago, DeNiro said:

Yea, just wait until the u20's and I think people will be having a different tone.

Agreed, he was pushed back in the lineup by how stacked that team was. His offence is untapped thus far and I think he could be a real gem of a pick. Next two years he will become a much talked about prospect for us

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9 hours ago, Hockey Stache said:

He has amazing speed. By far his best asset. It was such a big deal for his development getting traded from the Giants last year. He will be a darkhorse prospect.

can also fire the puck - quick release.

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36 minutes ago, PositionOfPower said:

beauty stukel #10 here, seems skilled











Thanks for posting. He's all over the latter half of that vid. Very dynamic player. 


From the Judd Bracket interview, he mentions that Stukel grew a bit this year, and he believes he's over 6'0. Just another little positive to add. 

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Found another pretty detailed scouting report on Stukel (courtesy of the Dub from Above blog) written last year (2015).


It's a bit of a strain for the eyes as the original writer doesn't use paragraphs or proper punctuation. Reads like a series of brief scouting notes piled together in a "wall of text" format.


I'll put it in a spoiler for anyone interested in reading:

Player Analysis: Jakob Stukel is a fairly raw but explosive winger for the Vancouver Giants…best trait is his speed, which is absolutely pure and high-end…has extremely good and quick acceleration thanks to powerful burst through his edges…can get up to top speed in only a few quick strides…stride is low and powerful, possessing that extra gear at top speed…regularly catches defenders off guard with his speed as he flies down the wing…increased confidence in his stride through the year eventually allowed him to take more pucks to the net, creating issues for the opposition…has quite solid hands in tight spaces…handles the puck well around the blue ice and seems to make quick decisions with the puck off the cycle including the ability to find open sticks in traffic…likes to make quick give and go plays with his linemates…finds quiet spots of the ice in the offensive zone…release on his shot is ok but nothing top-end…could benefit from working on his shot, including his ability to get it away in tighter areas… has a long reach for a player of his size which helps him both on the offensive and defensive side of the puck…plays with good but controlled hustle on the defensive side of the puck and is willing to work and dig…has ok defensive instincts…isn’t an overly physical player but doesn’t shy away from contact…showed decent versatility this season including the ability to play either wing and up and down the Giants lineup…ended the year on the right-wing alongside Tyler Benson and Thomas Foster on Vancouver’s top line…has battled plenty of injury issues over the last couple of seasons…missed the beginning of the 2014-15 year with injury after missing the entire 2013-14 season…was a 2ndround pick, 37th overall, by the Vancouver Giants at the 2012 WHL Bantam Draft…was named as the Giants Top Scholastic Player in 2014-15…overall I see Stukel as a fairly raw player due to his lack of minutes over the last number of seasons…he has high-end speed and some decent hands to go with them…if all goes well he projects as a guy who should offer versatility while playing with speed and skill in 3rd line type of role at the next level…while I don’t rank him as a draftable prospect for the 2015 NHL Draft I fully recognize his potential in the future and expect him to have value down the road…he could be a guy that has a breakout season in 2015-16 as part of Vancouver’s young core and eventually either gets drafted or signs a pro contract in another couple years…


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2 hours ago, DeNiro said:

Holy crap he's fast. He looks faster than Virtanen.

He's fast, has decent hands, and looks to have that square hockey build - with the large legs and butt.  This guy was a fifth round pick?  He looks like a sure bet NHLer, even if only as an energy/pest.

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Played out of Cloverdale Minor, coached against him a few times before he left minor hockey for the VW program. Kid was a huge d*ck, but as are all superiorly talented minor hockey players since they're the hot shots. On the ice he was a treat to watch, was clearly on a different level. 

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Looking at those highlights, Stukel seems to be a huge opportunist. A lot of those later goals he's either moving to great spots to pick up rebounds or passes but he's also jumping on any opportunity that allows him to move into space with the puck (on the breakout or within the offensive zone). He's so quick that he's often by his check before they know how to react.


That won't be as easy at the pro level so hopefully getting caught and probably hit pretty good in the process doesn't have him shy away from that type of effort. Even if he doesn't have the same finish at the pro level, he could easily create a lot of opportunities for himself and others. If he can use that as a forechecking forward, it reminds me a lot of Hansen with Stukel having more of an offensive bent considering his shot.

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