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On 2/16/2023 at 1:03 AM, eeeeergh said:

He’s is doing just fine now.

Four goals in 8 playoff games and probably a mentor for Filip.

Loui got a lot to say about the pressure to play with the Canucks and that is important to tell a young player so he’s prepared for what might happen.

Loui wasn’t prepared when he was hit by the Canucks media and fans…


Then I found this gem with an interview with Frölundas Coach and it shows the huge gap between how a coach in Sweden act compared to Greens dinosaurie wali.


16 seasons in the NHL…
”- His career is very impressive and is one of Sweden's best players in modern times that we get home. He has tremendous experience and respect with him

A perhaps slightly more difficult question, Roger, how should you as a coach take care of his experience and routine in the best way?
”- Simple answer to a difficult question - by listening. I don't think I can teach him that much ice hockey. However, I can learn a lot from him.”

How much patience can you as a coach have for a player coming into the season to deliver?
”- I will not make any demands, but he makes high demands on himself. I work with expectations and I have high expectations for Loui, but we'll have to wait a while before he's at his peak.”
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