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What number does Loui wear?


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2 hours ago, Apple Juice said:

Probably 21. Like it has been his entire career.

Sutter already wears 21.


1 hour ago, shiznak said:

Probably 25, he wore that when he played for Frolunda.


He could also pick 91. A number he wore during the Olympics.

Markstrom already wears 25.



I guess we will see if either player gives up their number for him, or whether he picks another number. As mentioned, he could go with 91 like the Olympics when he played with none other than, you guessed it, Daniel and Henrik Sedin. ::D

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5 hours ago, ArcticSpencer said:

Guess he will have to fight Sutter for 21

Maybe Sutter will give it up to him and take 17 now vrbatas gone.  Sutter use to wear 16 but since that's retired maybe 17? Or 26 for one of them. I like the idea of 11 22 33

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