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Can the Sedins be 100 pt players again and a few other points

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Sedins 100 pts  

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Is it possible the Sedins can once again be 100 pt players?


These are my reason starting with the most obvious,

Erikson has the potential to be a 30-40 goal scorer. Please don't think I actually think he will get 40 goals more realistic is 30-35. That's why the word potential is used. He also brings the ability as a playmaker and this could be his biggest asset to the team and the thing that most of the Sedins line mates have never had. I love Burrow's play like everyone else, but he never was a playmaker. Burrows asset was the ability to

retrieve the puck and that made the three of them the best puck possession line.

This is where that hockey sense and hockey IQ the experts always talk about come in. Erikson knows when to shot and when to pass the puck  furthermore, he also possess the abitity to retrieve the puck.

One of Vrbatas down falls was he could do neither of these for the twins, He didn't pass and he didn't get the Sedins the puck. Very much proven when he didn't play with the Sedins. If he didn't have a set up man he wasn't going to do much. One reason I believe he hasn't signed with any team yet. ( Case in point the GMs respect the Sedin more then most think. The GMs notice this guy can't get along with the Sedins they are not going to sign him. My thought is Vrbata signs a 1 year prove it to me deal).

You may ask what about Hansen. Hansen is a great player, However he is not a pure goal scorer he does everything else well except have that little magic that makes him a pure goal scorer. My believe is that Hansen and Burrows are the same player. But Burrows was lucky in the fact he played with the Sedins in their prime.

Which brings me to another point,

Hansen should still play with the Sedins. WTF. No not all the time but sometimes 5 on 5. Here is why. Erikson does it all score goals, playmaker, for check, back check, and all in all what you would want in a 2 way winger to be. He scores a lot of his goals from the slot and right in front of the net. That means his mins are hard mins and if he plays all the time with the Sedins he will get injured because he will be required to do this all the time. If he plays half his 5-5 mins with guys like Horvat and Sutter they will do those gritty jobs for him.


The truth is, it is time to protect are newest asset right away not in the Future.


So Can Erikson make the Sedins 100 pt players again.


The Sedins and Erikson on the 1st pp should get them a few more points.

Daniel found his scoring touch again and now has another player to pass to him.

Erikson Should get more goals then Hansen, did that should get the Sedins more Assists.

If Erikson Plays on another line all the attention can not be put on the Sedins.

When Erikson got signed our depth just got deeper. Hansen with Horvat again?

Gudbranson will make more room on the ice for all the players. Tryamkin hopefully will do the same.

Hutton will have a year under his belt and be able to lead the offence out of his own end even better then he did last year.

Sutter will not be injured all year making are depth even deeper.


AND finally my line up for next season


Sedin  Sedin  Erikson/(Hansen 5 on 5 sometimes)


Burrows/Etem  Sutter  Rodin/Hansen (Erikson 5-5)


Baertschi  Horvat  Hanson/Rodin (Erikson 5 on 5)


Etem /Burrows/Gaunce,  Granlund/Gaunce  Dorsett



Edler Tanev


Hutton Gudbranson


Sbisa/Tryamkin/Padan   Tryamkin/Larsen




You guys will notice I have left out Virtanen and I know I will take heat for this. My reasoning follows, He needs a ton of playing time and the AHL can give him that more important he needs PP and PK time and the AHL can give him that. PP teaches a player the offence game and the PK teaches the Defence part of the game. Moreover, guys like Rodin Etem, and Gaunce need to show if they belong in the NHL only way to find out is for them to play in the NHL. Third, 8 dman with Pedan as one of them means Pedan can play wing on the forth line in a pinch. Forth, Pedan Larsen and Tryamkin to a lesser extent Pedan and Trymakin because of their age, needs to show if they belong in the NHL


Note Virtanen is my first call up in case of injuries or if Etem Gaunce, or Rodin fail to make progress.

















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If Henrik can earn points in the 60's and Danny in the 70's (basically just not fall off) then you can color me tickled pink :wub: Earning 100 points each is laughable. Maybe, MAYBE Danny could hit the low to mid 80's and Henrik hit the 70's but I doubt it. They just aren't what they used to be (still real gud though).

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I like the effort put into it but I don't think the Sedins will reach 100pts. Because they're both turning 37, and they aren't the same players they were in their prime. Sedins right now are very slow and are on the decline. They've also become very predictable and easy to defend against. And we don't have a PPQB defenseman or a high scoring d-man as of yet. You need those in order to get 100pts out of your elite players. Hell Kane was the only 100pt player last season. The year before, the highest was 86 I believe.  


Joe thornton had 82 points this season, but Sharks PP was 3rd in the NHL, they have an elite defenseman in Burns, they have scoring depth from lines 1-4.


There's more to it, but I doubt one player will make the Sedins 100pt players again. I can see them having 65-70 pt seasons though. 

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A big yes. I definitely believe that Eriksson can rack up at least 40 goals and at least one of the Sedins will crack the century mark. What people should realize is that our top line plays a finesse, puck-possession game and not a grindy game. This results in less wear and tear on their bodies and allow them to have longer careers(Thornton plays a similar type of game).


We should've acquired Eriksson from Dallas six years ago but management decided to trade their draft picks and prospects on garbage rental players. The fact that Eriksson and the Sedins had chemistry isn't news.

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