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(Proposal) Marcus Johansson

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I'm very surprised Washington has not re-signed Marcus Johansson yet. I'm betting they will go to arbitration. I believe the hesitation is Washington needs to sign Orlov this year; and Oshie, Burakovsky, Kuznetsov next year.


Now I understand Washington is at a point where they need to really go for the cup, and will not want to trade Johansson, so the cost will be high, maybe too high but I would like to see what everyone thinks it would cost?


First option is an offer sheet. The best contracts of players who signed recently of similar production, age, position and potential:

Kadri (25 center) -  6 years @ $4.5 million

Boedker (26 LW) - 4 years @ $4 million

(Trocheck and Hertl, are similar but IMO not similar enough) 

BTW I was amazed, when looking up players, how quietly Victor Rask scored 50 points and 20 goals. His contract should be about the same as what Hertl got.


The offer I would give him is 5 years @$5.5 million which would costs Canucks their 2017 1st and 3rd. It's an over payment, but anything in which he accepts and Washington doesn't match would have to be. His advance stats show him as a great 2nd liner in production and a tweener 2nd/3rd liner in possession. My evaluation of him based on watching is a great 2nd line scorer, and very productive on the PP. Stats show he has been around 45-50 points per 82 games for the last 5 seasons. Canucks do not have the cap space for this deal but an option would be to trade Sbisa for Cowen. Clears $1.5 million and potentially $2.1 million if they can buy him out...Toronto is having troubles do that. Any other realistic trades out there to get the needed $1.5 million in cap space? 


Second option would be a trade. In this option, you would have to be willing to trade a roster player to replace Johansson plus something spicy so they would accept. 

My initial offer is Virtanen (Spicy) and Hansen (roster player) for Johanssen, 2018 3rd, and Schmidt.

I would have said Washington's 2nd but they don't have one until the end of time. Is the value fair here? 


Also to note, acquiring Johansson is an attempt to win the cup with the sedins. Lots of players would have to really step up (Hutton, Markstrom, Horvat, Baertchi, Gudbranson). Basically the stars would have to line up. But having Johansson provides a much better chance than Hansen.


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Virtanen is too much to give up for Johansson. It's just too big of a risk of blowing up in our face. I am not his biggest fan but I would still like to keep him considering the high investment we made in him.


Offer sheet is also too risky. We finished 28th last season, it isn't out of the question that we finish in and around the same range next year. With the lottery charges it's too risky to let go of an unprotected 1st round pick.


Still it's refreshing to see someone actually offer value. Usually it's something like Hansen, Sbisa and a 3rd for a top 6 forward.

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